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Posted on August 18, 2010
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Everybody needs to know what time it is at some point. Time is something that is hard to avoid. If you don’t want to always ask strangers, then you should have some type of timepiece. But the marketplace is full of watches and a person has to decide if they want a Rolex, a Timex, a Cartier Ballon Bleu, or a sun dial strapped to their wrist, and that choice is not always the easiest one. What a person wears is judged by others. For that reason people should realize that the choices they make mean something. A person should keep a few things in mind when they are trying to buy a new watch.

Pick out the type of watch that fits you. A person has the choice of the face that they want on the watch. What features do you need? Are you looking for something that fits on your wrist or do you want something else? Should you keep it on your wrist or do you want a pocket watch or maybe a clock on your phone will do. Figure out what you want to spend. There is a timepiece that will fit into everyone’s budget.

A key part to a watch is how it looks. There are modern looking watches that will complement a dressy outfit when a person needs that. For more of the punk/rock star look, you could get one with a very wide webbing or leather band. If you need something for business, a more classic style could be what you need.

Get a watch that is durable. You can’t really tell by looking at one, but you can check its ratings by the manufacturer. Rolexes, Tag Heuers, Rado, and other well known brands are very well made or if you want go online and check out a Cartier Ballon Bleu review to help guide you in your search. Check the manufacturer to make sure they have a reputation of good watches.

Check for water resistance. Unless you see a marking for meters assume that it cannot be worn in water. If you are worried about battery life, go for digital watches, some digital models claim for 10 years of battery life.

In addition to those basics a person should pay attention to a few other things especially if they are looking for an expensive ladies watches for that special person in their life. You should remember these things. Do not blow your budget. Watches are easy to lose, and your investment might just go out the window. Timepieces that you get for your regular usage can get a new band or battery very easily. This would save a lot of dollars for getting battery replaced. Choose a style that is consistent with the replacement parts. Many stores carry the replacement parts. For some watches that do not come in a standard size, it might be difficult to find spare parts and they could cost more. Never try to open a watch yourself. Always take it to a certified jeweler. There are lots of knockoff watches that are being sold. Watches do not get sold cheaply most of the time unless they are fake or stolen. Don’t buy an analog watch without markings unless you are able to read it. Not everyone is allowed to sell Swiss timepieces and you should only buy from someone who is. Be very careful about purchasing one off of the internet.
You can find the perfect watch with just a little effort. It just requires a little research before you go out and get one. Don’t waste time by not knowing what time it is. Go out and get a watch so you will always know.

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