Why You Should Incorporate Walking Into Your Day To Day Routine

Posted on September 14, 2010
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Walking is becoming more widely recognised as one of the best ways to take exercise. It’s an enjoyable, low impact, low injury risk exercise with the possibility for the introduction of a social element as well. It’s the perfect exercise for anyone who is new to exercise or who just hasn’t worked out for some time.

It doesn’t require any special training or equipment and you can do it wherever and whenever you like. It’s also a very cost effective way to exercise. There are no costly gym membership fees to pay, so getting in shape won’t cost you a fortune.

Just as with other physical activities, you will use up additional calories when you are actively engaged in walking. However, the really good news is that you will also increase you metabolic rate. This means that you will use calories more quickly during the day, regardless of what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter if you’re reading a book, sitting watching TV, listening to the radio or even when your asleep – you will burn calories faster.

Walking on a regular basis offers many health benefits in addition to weight loss. Walking will lower the probability of heart disease and stroke. It can be an effective way to lower blood pressure, it can strengthen your lungs and it is even effective against anxiety and depression. The risk of contracting certain variants of cancer is also much reduced for regular walkers. Walking will provide you with more energy and will help you to sleep better. As a matter of fact, the full list of potential health benefits is too lengthy to include here. The list of benefits available from walking reads like an advert for some new miracle drug.

One good way to make sure your walking sessions are fun is to make it a social event. Instead of sitting in front of your computer, why not go for a walk with some colleagues during your lunch hour – or you walk around the local park, or even just your neighbourhood, with family and friends in the evening after work. If you want, you can just walk your dog.

The miles and the time will fly by much more quickly when you’re listening to your favorite tunes. If you don’t already have one, an mp3 player is a sound investment. Be careful not to turn the volume up too high and pay attention to traffic, especially if you’re in a busy location.

Fitness footwear technology has seen some interesting new developments of late. You can now choose from a wide selection of “toning” shoes like Fit flops sandals, Skechers Shape Ups shoes, Masai Barefoot Technology shoes and Reebok Easy Tones exercise shoes. These claim to raise the effectiveness of your walking workout by increasing the amount of work performed by your lower body muscles. They achieve this by using special soles, which either mimic the effect of walking on soft sand or which generate an element of microscopic imbalance which makes your leg and butt muscles work a bit harder.

If you have a job keeping your motivation up, then you might think about getting hold of a pedometer. An Omron pedometer is accurate to within 5% and will display your results in terms of steps taken, distance covered or calories burned. The generally agreed target, in order to achieve very significant health benefits from walking, is 10,000 steps a day. Wearing a pedometer during the day will not only help you to keep track of your progress, but will prompt you to seek out new ways of boosting your daily step count.

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