Why I Play Video Games

Posted on January 21, 2011
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p4eople of all ages have enjoyed playing video games since they were introduced many years ago. There does not seem to be an end to people playing video games in the near future. Kids are not the only ones who play games, the older generation is also involved.

When you are young you are supposed to go out and play. Kids are able to make a game out of just about anything. It is enjoyable to find something that is able to entertain people. Video games attraction is that they are full of action and three dimensional in nature, they can be played alone, have fascinating graphics, and are fast paced and when a person considers the different gaming consoles like the xbox 360 kinect, the Nintendo Wii, and the Playstation move, the way that we enjoy playing games is constantly evolving and will be sure to provide a person with even more excitement in the future.

Because of the growing nature of the business and with the excitement that was generated by the recent xbox 360 kinect release date it is a good time to look at the reasons that people are playing video games and what keeps bringing people back to the screen for more.

1) The thrill of playing is both mental and physical. It is a learning experience for a person to figure out how to beat a game.

2) Video games exercise the eyes. They have proven to be helpful in developing hand and eye coordination in children.

3) Gaming is another way to improve your physical stature. You have to get up and move to play the newest generation of platforms and that is always good for your body.

4) The ability for someone to learn in the classroom is increased by playing games. Arithmetic skills seem to be affected the most. Playing games increases brain function.

5.) Playing games will allow a child to get away from reality. They will learn how to follow story lines and what it takes to build a proper story. Video games ignite a spirit of adventure in kids. Game play can allow a person to do things that they might not have the resources or ability to accomplish any other way.

6) Many games nurture logical skills. Many games require a person to plan what they are going to do before they execute it.

7) gamers are taught many things while they play. Games can be based on historical situations or scientific theories that will pass along some knowledge as they are played.

8) There are many games that will help a person use their mind to figure out what to do next. It is something that will help a youngster with many things throughout their entire life.

9) Gamers will learn how to focus better and improve their reflexes. Children are able to focus on the games. Gamers learn to focus on the screen even if things keep going on around them as they play.

10) Gaming improves social skills. There are many games that involve multiple players. They learn how to compete against others fairly. You can also find titles that encourage people to play as a team to be successful.

There are groups out there who espouse the evils of playing games. It is okay to disagree. Gamers have to use their heads to take in everything that happens during a game. Any time a child succeeds at anything they should be praised. They are developing skills that will help them later in their life. it is a part of a person’s life that can provide good things if done right. Just like most things, an excess is not healthy. Kids especially have to understand that there is more to life than the video game they are playing. Gaming should be a part of a person’s life. It can not define a person.

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