Why Be A Middle Aged Gamer

Posted on February 27, 2011
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The younger generation seems to be obsessed with playing video games. A child’s house is not complete unless they have the best game system and it does not matter if it is the Nintendo Wii, the Microsoft Xbox 360 kinect, or the Sony Playstation Move, as long as the child has that and some games to play on them, they are happy and able to keep up with all of their friends who also have one of these platforms. It would be okay if a person was to admit that it was fun to play these consoles even though they are a little older now. Games are no longer just for kids, they are made for grown ups with families as well.

It is important to consider some reasons to be a middle aged gamer.

1. It is fun to challenge yourself to see how good you can be. As we approach our senior years we are not able to do the things we could when we were younger. Running around is not as easy or as fun as it used to be. Our bodies are not able to perform like they used too either. Video games can help a person achieve the feats that they used to achieve as a youngster. You do not have to be young and athletic to win. The hands of time can be turned back through the games.
2. Gaming allows us to live out our fantasies. As a youth a person can picture themselves doing amazing things in their life and believe that those dreams will come true. The truth eventually hits us that we are not destined to fulfill all of our childhood fantasies because something called real life stands in the way. Through the game consoles a person takes things that are not always achievable and gets to do them. It can bring the things that we want to do back to life.
3. The gaming systems can give a person a tremendous rush. Many of us found fun in various substances when we were young. Family obligations have left those habits in the past. Playing a game for hours can leave a person feeling like they are hung over from a long night of partying if they are not careful. People who play games do not have to worry about being arrested for it. A person will also not take the physical risks that are associated with the illegal substances.
4. The systems divert a person’s attention temporarily. Working and maintaining a home can become a dull routine. You can escape from the normal routine if you turn on the system. Video games provide a person with a way to put their responsibilities away for awhile and to delve into their fantasies. If a person wants they can completely immerse themselves into gaming. Let someone else deal with the other problems for a period of time.

5. You can extend your entertainment budget by playing the games. Going out as a family is expensive and can be very time consuming and although not everyone can figure our how to get a free xbox 360, the actual cost of the consoles and the games to play on them is much less than a person spends taking the family to a football game or out to the movies every month when you consider the years of entertainment that you get out of the consoles especially with today’s systems that do much more than play games and can actually replace a lot of equipment that many people need in their home anyway.

This list gives several good reasons to be a gamer. Kids are not the only ones who should be playing them. Playing video games can really be boiled down to a simple and basic concept for anyone. Play the games to have fun. That is something that should be important to everyone.

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