When To Think About Changing To A New Role

Posted on September 16, 2010
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It can be tricky trying to locate New Careers, most people simply remain in the one they already have to keep things easy. This isn’t often the best of ideas however. For starters you may not even enjoy the position that much, do you really want to put up with that? You’ll soon get sick of the job and could find yourself unhappy. Rather than stopping in a job like that, you need to take action and search for some different Career Choices. There is plenty obtainable out there, you simply need to have the motivation and the patience to look for them. We are going to be considering some potential circumstances that you may find yourself in, these are all fair reasons for leaving your present job and looking towards one of the countless Careers that are out there.

The first situation we will be looking at is one that annoys me greatly, because it is something I have witnessed before and can say for certain how bad it is. This scenario is when you are stuck in Careers that have no future, no possibility of promotion. There can be many reasons for this, but the cause I have came across is due to favouritism within the management team. To explain it simply, my manager had her two favourites in the team and gave no time for the remainder of the team. These two weren’t really good at their role, but just fit in well with the manager. This held back anyone that was aiming to advance, personally I had been moving into a coaching role with my previous manager and when he left, I was put back to the basics. This type of situation isn’t really that rare, certainly a manager is going to get on better with some people, but it shouldn’t ever prevent their work or other people’s work. If you are stuck in a career such as this, my advice is just to leave, you could be spending years without anything advancing forward.

A further reason you might choose to contemplate looking at other Career Choices is when the job just isn’t what you want it to be. Now this may sound obvious, but it’s amazing how loads of people simply stick with a position that they didn’t really want to be doing. It can make it simple and you might be able to develop to a higher paid position, but are you ever going to be happy? You need to pursue Careers that you have an appeal in, even if it means receiving less pay. You’ll be happier at work and you’ll be doing something you actually like. It makes a working day many times easier and you’ll be going home less fatigued.

There are a lot of other reasons to search for New Careers and I’m certain you can recognise most of them yourself. Other regular reasons can be if you’re working alongside unpleasant people that you can’t get along with or if the business you’re in is not doing too well, perhaps leading to redundancies. Think long and hard about your Career Choices, as you want to find something you can stay with through the years and it’s better that you don’t hop from one to another too often, just try to find one where you can be happy.

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