What Made Me Not Lose The Pounds

Posted on July 14, 2010
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Many people admit to being professional dieters. They’ve tried every weight loss plan, scheme that they see advertised or on websites like http://www.fatlossfactor.com, and 9 times out of 10, their attempts flop because of one of four reasons that if you are aware of and if you know what mistakes to watch out for, you’re be a step ahead of the pack.
The first is that someone does not put in a good effort. Getting rid of the extra fat means that a person must put forth an effort. For anyone who is not dedicated to the proposition of getting fit and trim, they will find that it not going to be achieved. If someone is not dedicated to making the right choices every day, they will give in the temptations that are all around and thus will see their plan fail. When you don’t really care about losing the weight and can make up excuses to cheat, you probably never should have started in the first place. The best thing a person can do to avoid this is to do some serious soul-searching and identify a significant and enduring source of personal motivation for finally shedding the extra weight or find a support system like the ones that can be found at biggest loser weight loss forum.
Number two is that people want results immediately Individuals who launch a new diet with unreasonable expectations regarding how much weight they’re going to lose each week are signing themselves up for trouble. Another thing that upsets some people diets is that they want to lose more than is possible. If you can’t match your desired pace of weight loss, you’ll more than likely end up terribly disappointed and quickly jump ship.
It is well documented that healthy weight loss goal is 5 to 8 pounds monthly and even though a person can shed more than that at the beginning this is a normal weight loss. I know television shows and infomercial success stories lead you to believe that you can melt off fat in a matter of weeks by following their specially designed six pack ab exercise program, but the truth is, successful weight loss is a slow and steady process. Setting realistic goals based on this information is a vital part towards a successful diet plan that will give you the shape that you want if you stick with it.
The third thing is that you can’t stick with a bad diet. Many weight loss programs require a person to eat only certain things whether they like them or not. There’s a good chance your efforts won’t last. Even when one of these restrictive plans does allow a person to lose weight, they find the weight returning once they start eating normally again. A good eating plan is one that contains food from all of the food groups, but they should be eaten in moderation. If a person can start following good eating habits they will not only find themselves able to lose weight, but will feel healthier overall. Following a diet program that does not include a balanced healthy amount of foods will usually lead a person to gaining weight and not losing it.
Number four is that dieters should not expect perfection. This is an incredibly common diet pitfall. The truth is that humans are not perfect and will not always be able to maintain a perfect eating plan. A lot of us give up because we gave into that temptation so there is no need to keep trying since they have already failed. The important thing is for a person to go back to eating right even though they made some type of mistake. It is possible to continue to lose weight even if for some reason you ate something that you shouldn’t have. Unfortunately, it can be incredibly difficult for some individuals to break this cycle of negative thinking.
It is possible to get fit and trim if you pay attention to these basic guidelines. Before someone starts any type of fitness regimen they should thoroughly think about how they are going to accomplish it. Then they should strap themselves in and enjoy the ride.

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