What Has Made Video Games Better

Posted on March 17, 2011
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Nintendo altered the type of person who played games when they came up with their new console. Gamers were no longer inert people sitting on a sofa but were now a part of the game. While a peripheral like a steering wheel allowed people to play some games more realistically it is not the same as motion controllers. Nintendo allowed a person to get off the sofa and move with the action of the game, but there was still a need to keep something in your hand as you played.

When the Wii hit the market several years ago, it took off almost immediately. People were excited by the new technology. After awhile the need to hold a controller and the dangers that came along with it took some of the shine off the new system. The motion gaming was great, but having to hold onto the remote was not so great. For serious gamers, the need for a better joystick became very obvious.
Nintendo had a hard time keeping up with the demand for their consoles at first. After a couple of holiday seasons it was normal for a house to have a Wii hooked up to their television. They were very good at helping people get up and get some physical activity. Eventually the consoles were used less and less. It was difficult for a person to fit in playing games into the rest of their busy schedules. The responsibilities of their family prevented them from using their time for gaming.

Manufacturers of the gaming consoles knew that there was still a sizable market for them to try to capture and eventually the Playstation Move and the Xbox 360 Kinect hit the market to legions of fans who said that they offered mass improvements with their new motion gaming technology and hoped that this would bring people who have been turned off by the Wii back into the fold as buyers of their new systems. There are many things the game systems can do, but it is not always worth spending a lot of money and a lot of time to be able to use the games to their fullest extent. They have gotten better as technology has improved. But they still have a ways to go before they take over an adult’s entertainment completely.

The complexity of the games is often not enough to keep an older person involved. After a while a person will lose interest in a game that they thought was good when they began playing it. Eventually the system starts collecting dust because no one is playing it. The money that was spent on the game is no longer giving a person the value that they should be getting.

People had other issues with the gaming systems. The costs with them can become astronomical and even if a person manages to find out how to get a free Xbox 360 they will still find themselves spending money on the games, accessories and even for a monthly subscription to a service that comes along with the game that allows them to connect to other people with the same systems. People would have to keep using their credit card to purchase another must have item for the gaming system.

Motion gaming was neat, but it was not everything that people expected it to be. It was difficult for people to translate their body action s into real actions on the screen. While the games do provide a physical outlet for many, they also can cause a person to hurt themselves if they are not careful. Some games are not suitable or a motion gaming system. There are some games that are better with traditional controllers.
The new gaming systems do have problems. That is the bad part about them. But people can look forward to new things in gaming that will be coming. They are getting better and could become something that is very worth while. In the end time will tell how good they are.

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