Using A Doctor To Fight Obesity

Posted on January 9, 2011
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Many people have tried to lose weight by eating right and exercising. Diet and exercise is not the answer for all. For some people they need to find a medical solution to their weight issues. A medical solution is not the thing that is needed for every dieter. People who have struggled with obesity for a long time are the best candidates for these procedures. Your doctor will be able to suggest a weight loss program that is right for you. These methods are not like the ones on television that promise to show a person how to lose weight fast at home in a week, but rather are drastic measures that need to be overseen by a medical professional and might have serious consequences for anyone who chooses to use them.
Surgery to limit stomach size
Weight loss surgery involves making modifications to the stomach or intestines to reduce the amount that you are able to eat. There are different ways to make this occur.
{Gastric banding places a band around your stomach.|The first procedure ties a band around the stomach.|In Gastric banding a doctor is able to divide the stomach into sections. The band will allow a person to use a small portion of the stomach. A person is able to fill their stomach much faster than before. In a sleeve procedure, a majority of the stomach is actually removed. Just like the ban a person will not have as much room. The stomach does not feel as hungry because there is less of it to fill up. A gastric bypass is an invasive surgery where the doctor seals off a part of the stomach and connects this directly to the small intestine. Gastric bypass is the most common of weight loss surgeries.
Any surgical procedure involves many different risks. A person should weigh the risks of the surgery against the risk of being overweight.
Prescription medicine for weight loss
Some medications may help to support weight loss. When a person health is at risk due to weight issue, their physician may turn to one of these. There are also medications that are not designed for weight loss, but still have that effect. If a person checks their local pharmacy they will see plenty of diet pills that do not require a doctors orders. The safety of these drugs can often be in question.
Weight loss pills have the potential for abuse. It is important to check with a health professional when you are considering these diet pills. Weight loss pills are not a way for a person to discover how to lose weight fast without exercise and pills and are not a quick fix solution, but they can be good when they are used in combination with a proper diet and an exercise regimen that will help a person maintain any weight loss that they are able to achieve.
Eating plans that severely restrict a patients intake.
For some people a physician might recommend that they follow a diet that is considered to be very low calorie. Most diets limit a person to around twelve hundred calories, but a physician can take that even lower. A very low calorie diet uses specially formulated powders that you mix with water to get the nutrition that you need. Not getting enough nutrients is something that many people will face if they limit their food intake too much. Instead of losing weight, a person might gain weight as their body slows down in reaction to the lack of food. The extra nutrition that is being provided on the very restrictive diets help prevent this.
Any type of medical procedure can help a person who is unable to lose weight. But if they are able to get in shape, they must start doing things to stay in shape. Unless they stop doing the things that put them into trouble before they will be facing the same trouble again.

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