Use Video Games To Help Your Kids Lose Weight

Posted on January 7, 2011
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One of the most popular toys for a child in today’s world is the gaming console. A common fear is that kids will have too sedentary a lifestyle when they play the games too much. Although with the new systems like the xbox 360 kinect there is some movement that is involved with video gaming it is not enough on its own to give kids the amount of physical activity they nee and when we think our kids were spending too much time in front of the television there are some simple solutions to keeping them active while letting them enjoy their favorite video games.
It is important for the adults to give the child reasonable expectations concerning playing video games. It is up to the adults in the house to set and enforce the limits on the children. If a parent allows their children to help set the rules they will be more acceptable to the children. The adults must be the ones who make the decision in the end. Once the rules have been agreed upon, put them into writing and have everyone sign it like a contract.
Set a maximum amount of time per day that children are allowed to play video games. Video games should be an activity that is used when all of the other necessary things have been done and not before. Remind children that they have to do their homework and keep their grades up to play the games. There will be plenty of time to play when there is no school the next day. Remind your children that you have rules in place about their game play. Keep records about their video game playing and how long they play at any given time. For some kids it might be good to include their playing of video games into how much they do anything that involves a screen.
Kids can earn additional video game time if they are able to do other types of activities that give their body some exercise. Reward a child for playing outside with some video game time. It is also possible to have a child do physical chores that earn them game time.
When your children do things to get some more playing time, go behind them and check their work. Ensure that they are doing the things in the right way. Sloppy work should not be recorded. When the child is done, write down the amount of time they have earned. This ensures that everyone is aware of what is expected and what is allowed. The record of extra time can also let them know how much they have left.
Come up with a variety of things that children can do to help them earn more game time. Do not make everything worth the same amount of time, but rather base it on how difficult the task is. Do not let your children build up more time than they should be using. Too much video gaming is not always healthy, no matter what they do to earn it.
With the recent xbox 360 kinect release date some kids are more excited than ever about the future of video gaming, but unfortunately, young children do not always make the right choices about what to do so parents need to give their children guidance along the way. Any time a child can be taught how to make good decisions, it will help them later in life.
One other thing that parents can do to get their kids more active is to get involved. Maybe time playing games with the adults will not count against the kids. Make the times you spend with your children about doing things that are fun, It is okay to challenge your kids to a video game. You might find that you enjoy them as well. In the end, it is a good way for the family to do things together.

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