Top 5 One Way Link Generating Alternatives

Posted on August 14, 2010
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Link generating is definitely the cornerstone of Seo, the idea is extremely easy; the more back links you’ve got the easier it’ll be to dominate your competition. Nevertheless as you are going to discover, getting back links is either monotonous, expensive or unsuccessful. You’ve to get those important back links from good expert sites in order to position your website effectively.

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There are some web sites like Text Link Ads where it is feasible to buy back links on other web sites, however the cost can be fairly excessive and the back links are deleted should you stop paying – not an successful method of building back links. There are companies however that can essentially automate the entire backlink generating process, and the finest element is it really is effective, you get good quality back links on auto pilot. Now you will find a variety of companies that provide link generating, so to assist you get started out we’ve produced our 5 list according to our very own expertise and reading user reviews.

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1. 1WayLinks – $47 / per month

The 1WayLinks website has been produced by Jonathan Leger, a professional Seo guru. It permits you to put content on 1000s of sites at a mouse click. Every member submits a contributor blog that’s set up to allow the script to automatically post articles (other members’ content) to it. Every write-up must be at least 250 words and it has a built in content spinner which permits you to generate an limitless quantity of semi-unique content which can defeat Google’s duplicate content filter. The back links are placed in the text of the write-up which gives them a great deal of context and is extremely important as outlined by many Seo specialists. It is feasible to get an limitless quantity of back links to a limitless quantity of web sites with 1waylinks but you will require to write (or outsource) your own articles. I highly recommend 1 way links to start your top home business

2. LinkVana – $147 / per month

This is the Granddaddy of backlink generating web sites. They’ve their own community of sites with high pagerank (although we found it was largely PR2-4) and you are permitted to post an limitless quantity of content to these sites. Every write-up must be a hundred and fifty words or more and it can have just one link. This means that there’s a great deal of extra work involved for every link, however the backlink worth is likely a great deal more than back links from 1waylinks. It is achievable to outsource the article writing for $2 per write-up. LinkVana is the most expensive of link generating options however it has been one of the most affective in our assessments.

3. Instant Article Wizard – $67 / per month

This website is basically an article submitter however it attempts to submit a ‘different’ variation of your article to every directory. It tries to combine the order of the sentences and you can additionally incorporate a few content spinning in every sentence to make unique sentences. Nevertheless, it takes some ability to be able to write an write-up which doesn’t have a beginning, middle or end and to make it legible no matter what sequence the sentences are in. There are folks that can do this that you simply can delegate to. It is achievable to submit an limitless quantity of content which can assist create a massive quantity of back links to your website.

4. Link Dominators – From $79 / per month

This website isn’t an automatic backlink builder but an outsourcing service. For $79 they will submit up to eight sites and get 480 back links in total every month. It is feasible to alter the sites every month and they have further programs accessible. As soon as all the back links have been built you’ll get a report describing the sites exactly where it’s feasible todiscover your back links. This could possibly be quite a helpful program to go with one of the auto link generating companies.

5. 3WayLinks – $37 / month

Another top quality backlink solution from Jonathan Leger and one which is completely hands off. This website routinely creates 300 back links to your website when you install a easy PHP script on your website (a wordpress plugin is also accessible) The down side is that you simply will finish up getting 300 links from your website too, which some Seo specialists believe to be harmful to your rankings. Nevertheless, the rankings of many members are getting show up to contradict this way of thought and folks utilizing this program are attaining top ten rankings for some very competitive keywords.

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