Three Reasons You Need To Learn Spanish

Posted on July 22, 2010
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Ever think you might learn Spanish and improve your entire life? Lots of people have acted on the notion and done just that. A good number never get through the daydream phase. Several get lost in the downside, fear of the unknown, and will not get around to making positive steps.

Let’s just hold on here now. We just took on a large dose of negatives in that lead section. We should look at 3 constructive reasons why you need to learn Spanish.

Firstly, in its favor, let me point out that Spanish is spoken by a minimum of an estimated 350 million men and women around the planet. Sure, I acknowledge your doubt that learning a brand new language takes time and effort, it requires will power and self control. That which you say is valid, I agree, but nevertheless it is really worth the effort! Just imagine the advantages you will have when you are able to converse with the locals when you go on vacation – no more being treated like a idiotic tourist.

Second off, You really will have to take into account that learning a 2nd language such as Spanish also improves your Curriculum vitae – you can find a lot of careers out there looking for multilingual people and Spanish opens doors to the whole Latin American continent and a significant part of the US, not to mention Spain itself.. And, also, take into consideration that Spanish is a gorgeous language, the language of passion – surely that can’t hurt either.

Third and lastly, you’ll get an increased vocabulary in English at the same time. As both Spanish and English is from a Latin source, the Latin origins are at the base of many fancy words in English, providing you with a much better language skill in your native language for no cost.. That will possibly result in you sounding both more clever and educated – and who wouldn’t want that!. And, additionally, on top of that, you might become fascinated in the Latin tradition when you understand more about it, falling in love with the music and the traditions like so many before you. Salsa, flamenco, steaming hot dancing and fantastic food – need I say more!

When you consider the reasons and examine them, I imagine that you will have to admit that a persuasive case can be made for thinking of how you can learn Spanish.

Now, what’s your opinion? Are those benefits tempting? Maybe you really should learn Spanish!

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