Three Business Headaches You Can Solve With Small Business Coaching

Posted on September 9, 2010
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To remedy the top 3 frustrations you may be experiencing perhaps a small business coaching program is in order.. An experienced coach can guide and support you in remedying these road blocks to small business success.

Not Enough Customers

To survive businesses must generate fresh leads and prospects in order to maintain momentum. Are you suffering from too few prospects to convert into customers? Perhaps there is a better way to market your business.Learning to try and test different marketing strategies and tactics is necessary if you want to grow your business . Sometimes we need to step outside of the square and consider a different approach which may include a small business coaching program.

Lack of Focus and Lack of Direction

It is very easy to become distracted and diminish your effectiveness by splitting your attention over too many tasks. Doing lots of trivial things and think this equates to being productive? This can lead to poor results and an unhappy business owner. Completeing one priority task after another (sequentially) is more effective than jumping from task to task.
Clear vision, objectives and effective strategies will lead you to your goals and dreams more surely than flicking from project to project. Making adhoc decisions on the fly is not really being entrpreneurial; it is robbing you of huge potential business success. A decision to commence a small business coaching program could be the answer.

Working Too Many Hours

Here is something to try. Estimate and document the number of hours you are dedicating to running your business each week. Multiply this by say 50. Now jot down how much you draw in remuneration from the business per annum. To reveal your hourly rate divide your yearly salary by the total hours you work per annum. You may find that your hourly rate is no more than that of a teenage shop assistant!.

One of your reasons for starting a small business coaching regime may have been to be financial independent or at least to make enough to enjoy a great lifestyle. The main goal here is to improve your business to the point where:

– You are earning a commercial rate of salary for your efforts
– The business is making a profit (not just covering your drawings)
– You will eventually be working less hours

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