Thinking About New Year’s Resolutions? – Don’t Discount Your Home

Posted on January 26, 2011
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The year 2010 has gone by, maybe too fast. Along with the fireworks, the parties and the cold weather, now is a good time to seriously think about what , if any, New Year’s resolutions you are going to start up. Many of us think about resolutions which directly influence us, such as cutting down on fatty products, going to the gym and healthy living. What most people don’t think about is the place we live and making the resolutions about it. Why not consider a couple of house related New Year’s resolutions as well?

To get you thinking, I have listed some suggestions for resolutions which you may like to try:

Consider the environment and come up with strategies to make your house more ecologically friendly Waste products such as glass containers and paper could be separated and disposed of at your local recycling centre, in fact many areas have specific refuse bins for different items; so start using them. This very manageable resolution helps the world we live in and protects valuable resources.

CO Monoxide detectors and fire alarms are extremely important in every walk of life, including our houses. If you don’t have a smoke alarm or a Carbon detector, you should fit them. If you already have them, make sure they all contain new batteries and are operating just fine. This resolutions is definitely the most important resolution you could make, alarms have saved many lives, the next life it saves could be yours and your children.

What do you want to do in your home? Think about all those jobs you would like to complete in your home and make a list. You can then buy everything needed when it’s on sale/the least expensive and save a lot of cash. Buying everything at the full price is going to be expensive on your pocket, this way you can save quite a bit of money. By making plans you have the freedom to search around and find the best items for your budget.

When purchasing an appliance for your home think about what you want, the price you want to spend before researching thoroughly your options; avoid buying the first one you come across. Some appliances, even if more expensive, might save you a lot of energy; try to think your purchase though!

Conserve energy! We have already discussed the way appliances in the home can save you money, there are other ways too. Some ideas for saving energy and money are: turn off lights not in use, keep doors closed to keep in warm air, unplug electrical appliances when not in use and insulate your walls and roof space.

‘Your home is your castle’; take care of it! General upkeep is a must don’t neglect it. To keep your home in good shape and avoid big repair bills, make sure any repairs or redecoration is completed regularly.

As a Toronto realtor, I understand resolutions bounded to home are difficult. Look at your personal situation think about what you have time to complete and what monies are available to you. Putting in a new kitchen may be one person’s choice, it doesn’t have to be yours, but maybe repainting the main bedroom is. Set yourself a task, a date you want to finish it and do it! Do what makes you feel happy and updates the home you live in.

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