The Noise In My Head Is Just A Part Of My Life

Posted on September 15, 2010
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Picture a constant humming noise in your ears that no one else hears. Picture in your mind always hearing radio static when there is no radio nearby. For a large group of people who suffer from tinnitus, this is reality.

Tinnitus is basically a ringing or similar sound in the ears caused by any number of inner ear problems from excess wax, to ear damage due to trauma, or infection in the ear and researchers have described tinnitus as a sensation of a ringing, roaring, or buzzing sound in the ears or head that is often associated with many forms of hearing loss and noise exposure and because there does not seem to be much relief sends people off searching for a tinnitus miracle

For some the condition is marked by a noise that sounds like a siren going off in their head. Another group of sufferers has to deal with more of a buzzing sound. My type is the latter. I don’t hear it every day, and some days are louder than others, and it is usually made worse when I have a cold, or my allergies are bothering me.

I know that the ringing in my ears makes things difficult for others that I interact with. How does this happen? When I am frustrated by the noise in my head, I am not always nice to the ones I associate with. One of the ways I lessen the symptoms is to use ear plugs which seems to make it better, but it also restricts my ability to communicate with others. When a person limits their ability to hear they think they have to speak up so others can hear them to. When I do this I find it very difficult to converse with others. I find myself unable to recognize anybody’s voice on some of the days when my condition is at its most extreme. There is a pressure that feels like I am in an airplane and my ear is about to pop. I know that it leaves my not in the most friendly of moods when my head is buzzing and I let those who are around me know how I am feeling and that it is nothing personal.

It is important to understand that the buzzing that is heard is more common than most people think. Tens of millions of people in this country are also dealing with it. Approximately 12 million people seek medical care due to tinnitus and two million have trouble sleeping because of the ringing in their ears. Celebrities are not immune from this condition and have spoken about it.

Unfortunately, researches have not found a way to eradicate tinnitus. The good news is there is treatment that will give a person quietness for ringing in ears for at least part of the day and allow them to lead a more normal life that does not center on the suffering a person has because of the tinnitus. If you are suffering from the symptoms, seek the help of a physician who is trained in this area. Another health condition might be behind the buzzing that a person hears. When the problem is dealt with, the ringing could go away. There are also a lot of people who promise that they have the answer and if you give them your credit card they will provide you with a program that will eliminate the noise, but before embarking on one of these treatments try to find a tinnitus miracle review on the internet to see if it has worked for someone else or if it is a big hoax that will just get your hopes up.

The whole world does not have to stop because you have a noise in your head. With time and patience a person can control how it makes them feel. It might not go away, but it doesn’t have to be the thing that defines a person.

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