The Absonic Belt Will Build Up Your Stomach

Posted on October 7, 2010
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Lots of people are turning to devices that promise to create a six pack using electricity. This has led to people wondering whether the claims are true. In order to understand whether they can do as they claim or not, it is important to know where they came from in the first place.The origin of these devices is necessary for someone to know what they can and can not do.}
The first use of these devices was for helping rehabilitate some injuries. They first found use in the medical field when they were used for people who suffered muscle or bone injuries. Rehab professionals used these stimulating machines to exercise muscles that could not be exercised due to some type of physical problem. These devices would allow a person to workout even if they were unable to move the muscle that is connected to a bone that has been broken. The contraction that was created kept the muscles from atrophying because they were not being used.
As far as building muscle, such as the ads like the ones for the Absonic Belt on TV claim, this is not backed up by research because the level of electrical stimulation necessary to build up the abdominal muscles to what you see on TV would be extremely high, and thus very painful.
It is not unheard of that people will try to use a machine to get rid of the meat that is growing around their midsection. Unfortunately for people who buy it for this reason, they will usually be disappointed with the results since the amount of calories that are burned with these types of machine is minimal and will not generally help get rid of fat.
If you read the fine print in these ads, you will also notice that the instructions for use also include a suggested exercise and nutrition plan. This, without a doubt, would be the true source of the results people get from this equipment. If a person has a goal of losing weight fast then they need to do more than just strap a machine around their waist and although they might receive some benefits from using one of these machines they must commit themselves to a total fitness program to achieve the goals they want.
But what about people you may know who have tried the belts and say that they feel something when they use it? The bottom line is that there is a little bit of a workout provided when the machine is worn. Just a little exercise for someone who does nothing else is going to make it seem like it is making a difference. It is simply a matter of something is better than nothing. But it is not that much better.
A much better solution for working your abdominal muscles effectively is to do the unglamorous crunch exercise. It may not send electric shocks into your guts but it will get the job done. Crunches, even done properly and regularly, won’t burn fat but they will definitely tighten up your abs.
Should a person invest anything in one of the devices? Probably not as well as they claim to. These companies are simply preying upon society’s desire for results without effort. You should not fool for their trap. If you want to spend your money on a machine like the Absonic Belt, then do so with your eyes wide open and do not expect to achieve great results without putting in any other effort into modifying the way that you live. To get fit a and trim a person needs to make changes to the lifestyle they are currently leading. It is the things that we did that created the problem to begin with. If they are not replaced with good habits then that belly will continue to grow. There is no machine that can change that.

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