Superb Guidelines On Guilt Busting Techniques For Working Mums

Posted on July 31, 2010
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It is natural to feel elements of guilt from time to time when you are a working mum. Sometimes you feel that whatever you do, you are doing the wrong thing. If you have taken a decision to look after your children at home, you might feel that some people consider that you are not “pulling your weight” and contributing enough. Conversely, if you decide that you are going to return to your career after you’ve given birth, guilt arises here as well, as you think that some people criticise you for “abandoning” your children. It appears that you cannot win. Understand that it is quite usual for you to feel lost and somewhat alone and you might like to consider professional coaching options. Thankfully, online coaching can help you focus on what is positive and what others in your position are doing and help you to prepare correctly for your life ahead.

Whether you decide to go back to a career, or to take the bold move of setting up your own business, more power to you! There’s nothing wrong with your decision and if you want to be successful, you need to be at peace with yourself. A working mum has everything to be thankful for and she should be confident that she is providing for her family and for herself, very well.

You know how you sometimes feel guilty about a situation when you are confused and do not know all the facts? There is a danger that you do not know all the facts about your given situation. Come out of the darkness and understand all the facts, reducing your stress level to manageable positions. If you’re well-informed, you know what all the risks and opportunities are and are well placed to take a good, educated view of your position. Taking a concerted action and finding out all the facts will in turn give you internal strength and make you feel much better about your position.

It is important that you have positive people all around you, who will support you. Create distance between you and all those negative people and in fact it would be far better if you lost their contact details! If you surround yourself with a very important group of positive people, you can bounce off any challenges you might fear and will be a lot stronger as a result of this feedback. Don’t expect them to take on all the problem solving for you; quite the contrary. This is definitely a two-way street and by contributing to the value of the group proactively, you’re on the right track. These days, online coaching can be another source of support for you to consider.

When you are planning for the big challenge ahead, travel light! Effectively, this means that you should clear out all the baggage around you that represents anything you could consider inappropriate. This might be a good time to clear out your workspace and most especially if you are now working from home, either telecommuting or as your own boss. You will be amazed how much more positive and focused you feel, when you have a clear environment all around you.

Amanda Alexander is Director of Coaching Mums and a highly acclaimed ICF-accredited coach who delivers professional coaching programmes to working mums who yearn for success, balance and fulfilment. Are you a juggling mom? Download our free eBook for working moms that will give you 5 simple and instant ways to balance your life right now!

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