Step Beyond Time And Space Through Distance Healing.

Posted on August 5, 2010
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The unique connection that is made through distance healing proves for me that time and space are an illusion. I think the effect can be much more intense through the increased focus of both the practitioner and receiver. For this reason perhaps distance healing is often more powerful than direct healing. If you have had both, did your own experience prove this? Think about it. Get more info on wellness through distance healing right here: distance healing

There are many different energy systems out there, and hundreds of thousands if not millions of people are attuned into the different systems, which means that the matrix of distance healing must be huge. So what am I talking about? What I’m talking about here is that the morphic field surrounding it is vast too, which ultimately increases the potential of distance healing. Marketing strategies talk a lot about morphic fields.

A definition: when similar thoughts, ideas, and visions come together to create a frequency a morphic field is created. In marketing this has an effect on how well an advertising campaign will do.

I think the same thing is happening with distance healing, and will also determine how well it will work. This could be debated, but the way I see it is that this is a good reason why you should be attuned into one of the largest energy systems, regardless if you are the practitioner or receiver of the energy.

WhiteLight Self-Empowerment, for example, is a system that has a huge morphic field. WhiteLight Self-Empowerment and systems like it Matrix 7, become much more effective the more you practice them, because you are increasing the power within the field. If you think about this it is probably not enough, for effective distance healing, to just be attuned into a system, you must practice it all the time.

Time and space are definitely an illusion as is the illusion of being separate. Being connected also means we are all connected. True healing can begin when our intention to connect with each other exists. We also become one with the universe, which always has the power to heal you the moment you connect with it.

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