Staying Motivated to Diet

Posted on September 18, 2010
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The right diet motivation can be a make or break for any diet. It is hard to lose weight when you are full of negative thoughts. This could be part of your past diet failures. Staying positive is the key to making it through those difficult days of dieting.

The whole think yourself thin ideal has some merit. It is even more important to quit thinking yourself fat. I know from experience that having the right diet motivation makes a huge difference. The most positive change came when I took the time to convince myself that I deserved to be healthier and happier.

You need to keep your expectations reasonable. This is a case of wanting to be the tortoise not the hare. Being overweight and the attitude that came with it did not happen in a day. Do not think that you can wake up tomorrow and all your problems will be solved.Make positive progress everyday and you will reach your goals.

As you take these steps record them in some sort of weight loss journal.I prefer making a weight loss blog. Going back over your journal is another trick to help you stay motivated to diet.

Here a couple of steps that will get you started on the road to proper diet motivation. Use these tips to make the most out of whatever diet you decide to follow.

Step one, Set achievable goals.:

When setting your goals you will first want to find out the ideal weight for your height and body frame. A little math will give you the number of pounds you need to lose. Current weight minus ideal weight equals the amount of weight you should plan on losing.

Now set a time frame to reach your goal. Healthy weight loss is from one to two and a half pounds a week. When setting your goal date keep this in mind. Take this into account and set weekly and or monthly goals for yourself in addition to your long term goal.

Please take note; your goals must be realistic. Having unrealistic goals may be one of the worst things a dieter can do. This is a surefire way to deflate that diet motivation completely. Not reaching a goal on weigh in day can definitely send you on a dieting backslide. You know when those feelings start to creep back in. The ones that say ”I’m always going to be fat.” Next thing you know you’re headed to the fridge or your favorite fast food joint.

On the other hand realizing attainable goals can help to boost your confidence in a major way. Reaching these smaller goals and celebrating them is the way to keep your diet motivation for the duration.

Step Number two, Define your motivation to diet:

Why do you want to lose weight? The only person who knows the answer is you. There are many good reasons people decide to start losing weight. What is your reason or reasons?

Are you sick of the ridicule? I know I was. Do you want to extend your life? Maybe you want to have as much time as you can with your loved ones. Do you want to be more attractive? This is another reason that motivated me to lose weight.

That was just some of my diet motivations to get your wheels turning. Now it’s up to you, find out what it is that will keep you driven to lose weight. Write all of your reasons down and keep them handy. This will help tremendously on the days when your motivation to lose weight is lacking.

These tips for diet motivation are not a substitute for a good weight loss program. These tips are more of a secret weapon to combine with your “diet.” The only thing you need now is the appropriate weight loss program for you.

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