Playing Video Games Through The Years

Posted on December 30, 2010
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I started playing video games when they were first introduced. That was nearly forty years ago. Technology has taken games to an unbelievable level. However not everything is new about the systems. When looking back on my years o playing it is fun to look at what has been, what is right now and what will come in the future and with the recent xbox 360 kinect release date and my rush to the store to get one for Christmas, it is a good time to write down my experiences as a gamer.

Pong was the beginning of my video game experience. There was nothing very complex about this gaming system. The simple nature did not stop me from playing it. My siblings and I would stay up late to play the game. I became obsessed with the game. I wanted to be the champion. As I think back on that game, I remember when my parents first. The game was not cheap. I think they spent around $150 to get it. In today’s money that is probably close to the cost of the current systems. The original consoles had only a little variety. You had a beginner and an expert level. That was about it.

Technology soon bought out consoles like the Sega Genesis. There were various games that could be purchased for the different consoles. I loved being able to switch the games. Now I could fly a plane or blow up an alien. I started to find this technology was even better than before. I still went to the arcade for really good games. However, when I couldn’t get to the mall, I had a substitute. I had to find ways to earn cash to purchase the games that my friends had. Just like the baseball cards that I got rid of when I was young, if I had hung onto these systems I would be able to buy a lot of different things by selling them.

Through my college years and as a young adult, I still played video games.|I grew older and more independent, but I still liked gaming.|The idea o being a gamer was still a part of me even as I became a part of the adult world.} I did not stay as involved in them like I did as a kid. But no matter where I lived, I had access to a gaming console of some type. As PC’s hit the market, I got involved with them. The internet opened up a lot of options too. Starting a family altered my priorities away from video games. I pulled out my old consoles when my kids got old enough to try them. They were better than ever.

We got a Playstation. Games were very realistic. There were games for kids of all ages. There were both fun and educational games for our kids. But I also found a few that were just for me. After the kids went to bed, I would start playing the games. Some nights, I would play for hours at a time. It reminded me of the times that I spent when I was younger. It was a lot of fun to escape into these other worlds and I loved playing them. Reality would remind me that I still had to work and take care of every one which limited how much I could play. When my schedule got to hectic, the games sat idle. But every time my schedule permitted I would still enjoy playing. I do not think it will ever go away.

This Christmas bought the xbox 360 kinect and with it came a whole new world of video gaming that has my family and myself moving around and using the video gaming system as our own personal gym while my kids practice their football and baseball techniques. I hope there is no age limit for enjoying these things.

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