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Posted on July 7, 2010
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If you want to free singing lessons you will get what you pay for. Free singing lessons is not that bad but paying is a lot better. In Boston, you can learn to sing free. Aside from sports teams, Boston also hosts the Cutler Majestic Theatre, Boston Opera House, Citi Performing Arts Center. The city has such a majestic and long history with music it makes it hard to imagine that you can’t find singing lessons in Boston. Just do one web search and you will find a ton of links for voice lessons.

If you want to learn to sing for free, let me tell you how below.

The best way for you to do this is to join a singing group or a choir. When you are in a group, your team mates will help you improve by giving feedback. You will improve your skill in singing using the feedback from your peers. In addition, you will gain a lot of insight and learn the secret techniques from veteran singers.

Here’s what you should expect in a voice lesson.

1. Do not expect yourself to gain much from a few weeks of lessons. To tell you the truth, a lot of voice students just drop out because of this. Patience is virtue during this time.

2. Your voice instructor should follow their own advice. Before you pay a lot of money, you should really measure your teacher’s capabilities thoroughly. Ask yourself, are you improving significantly since your lessons? Did I improve my vocal range? Lastly, do you like your performance when you listen to it in a recording? You must ask yourself these fundamental questions.

3. Expect to learn techniques that will help you sing without injury. There is something wrong with your technique if you hurt yourself. Without any tricks or gimmicks, you will learn to sing using your natural voice.
You can measure yourself to avoid a worthless voice lesson. Be sure that your vocal instructor is certified and has a good record. You should make sure above all that you are being taught the right voice techniques. As I mentioned before, if it hurts then you are doing it wrong.

professional work will come your way if you pay for lessons. Increasing your power and range will help you unless you are naturally talented. And even if you are so naturally talented, it would not hinder your progress to learn about theory and voice technique.

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