Jeffrey Epstein: Case Studies Of Plastic Surgery Horror Stories

Posted on December 12, 2010
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World leading plastic surgeon Dr Jeffrey Epstein definitely knows when surgeries can go wrong. As a leading practitioner, author, and lecturer on this topic, he has had his full share of problem reports, in every aspect that you can imagine.

The modern woman is frequently insecure because she feels that her breasts are not big enough to attract attention. Their boyfriends don’t discover them overly appealing, and as a result, on their own to boast their own confidence, they go out and get breast enhancement surgery. A good number of plastic surgery procedures are being offered like basic silicon implants and fundamental lifts. At times, fundamental lifts are performed and then supplemented by augmentation. On the other hand, you will find also women who really feel that their breasts are too big and it kept them from moving freely. An example is tennis player Simona Halep who had naturally big breasts that kept her from playing perfectly and at the exact same time made her the subject of constant ridicule. She decided that breast reduction is the only way to go ( too many immature men. The blogs are full of it!), but now she is a happier individual for it. Breast reduction is an enhancement surgery that potentially offers both health and cosmetic benefits. We also perform revision breast augmentation to help women who are unsatisfied with some aspect of their previous breast enhancement surgery.

However, a great number of propagandas about breast enhancement are misleading and can often lead to disastrous outcomes. There is no require for me to go into details about this disastrous outcomes, but seriously do you want your breasts to be as tough as a granite counter top? You’ll not be happy about it and the same goes for your partner. The Jeffrey Epstein practice is focused on producing enhancements that don’t only look natural but it also feels natural. There are no “hidden implants, “nothing squishy” inside. It feels natural to the touch, both to you and your mate, thereby not only enhancing your self-image, but also your sex life!

An additional important consideration is selecting the suitable size which will coincide with your structure. Keep in mind that your body is more than an embodiment of your feelings, it is also affects the world’s perception on you. Do you prefer too large breasts which will make you look like a stripper? Hopefully you do not end up like this because women have the tendency to prefer extreme yet cheap procedures. Nothing about them appears natural, and it looks cheap.

Jeffrey Epstein is focused on using a surgical method that will give you the results that you would like and please not only you but the people around you as well. It is tried and tested. I, Jeffrey Epstein guarantee it.

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