Jason Ferruggia Releases New Muscle Gaining Secrets

Posted on October 1, 2010
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Muscle gaining secrets was written by writer Jason Ferruggia. He’s been a lifetime bodybuilder for more than 20 years and has more than 14 years experience as an instructor.

This ebook purports to assist skinny guys to be able to build muscle. Skinny guys are what Jason Ferruggia calls hardgainers. Those who have a tough time gaining muscle weight. According to the muscle gaining secrets website, Jason Ferruggia was a former hardgainer himself and was able to acquire 84 pounds of muscle more than the course of 5 years.

Jason Ferruggia shatters many myths within the bodybuilding world like how often to train, what foods to eat and many much more. You will find lots of things that Jason Ferruggia does “wrong” within the eyes of many weightlifters but in accordance to the muscle gaining secrets website, he allegedly gets results with individuals utilizing his workout programs.

The muscle gaining secrets workout program consists of the master manual, which is 197 pages, workout log books to use within the gym, diet plans for meat eaters and vegetarians as well as videos and audio training material.

The website claims big results and showcases many testimonials of guys who were skinny in times past but allegedly utilized the muscle gaining secrets to build muscle and acquire weight. Again these claims have not been verified but with that being said, the muscle gaining secrets workout program has hundreds of various variations and styles of workouts in order for individuals to obtain these kinds of results.

Plenty of ebooks and authors of these ebooks will offer bonuses for their products. When you buy muscle gaining secrets Jason Ferruggia consists of these bonuses: Exercise Guide, MGS Muscle Building Meal Plans,The Supplement Report, MGS Exercise Database, MGS Growth Tracker 5000, Uncensored Muscle Building Audio Course, 10 Minute Muscle Meals, One-Month Subscription to His Membership Website, Lifetime e-Book Updates.

According to the muscle gaining secrets website the total value of all of the material is $630.86. Although this has yet to be substantiated, the actual price of Jason Ferruggia’s muscle gaining secrets is $77.

Writer Jason Ferruggia does offer a 60 day cash back guarantee with his bodybuilding ebook in case it does not work for you.

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