Incredible Points On Finding Extra Time As A Working Mum

Posted on July 31, 2010
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We know that we have 24 hours in each day and that this should be plenty of time for us to complete everything that we have to do, with ample time to spare. The dawn of each day should bring a fresh outlook to all of us and we should feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle anything that life has in store. This is not always the case, though, as we always seem to be playing catch-up, even though we have the most honourable intentions in mind. In this way, when the sun sets and the evening approaches, we end up feeling frustrated, wondering why we have not been able to do everything that we had set out to do. This seems especially apparent as a busy working mum and we often ask ourselves how we can become more efficient, or find an extra hour or two to help us out. Well, maybe we can:

1. Set up your phone so that all calls are processed before they reach you. With technology, some great programs are available to help you do this, including Google Voice, allowing you to prioritise the calls that you must take from those that can simply wait. This technology now allows you to block callers that you do not want to be bothered with, in the future. It’s almost like having a personal secretary and will certainly help you to avoid those wasteful minutes, which can add up.

2. You have heard about outsourcing? While we know that it is difficult to find a good childminder and you might be taking on this task yourself when working or tele-commuting from home, understand that other chores can be outsourced, including daily cleaning work.

3. Get a good time management software program, learn how to use it and stick with it. It might seem a bit alien to you at first, but if you are really stringent, you will save a great deal of time each day by focusing your attention.

4. When it comes to planning, make sure that you do it! If you have a long list of items that are swimming around in your head, that you know you need to complete, you will tend to bounce back and forth between them, which is very inefficient. Before you go to bed, or immediately when you wake up in the morning, spend time planning out exactly what you are going to do.

5. Allocate an hour for communication. This includes all those call-backs that you might have to make, the checking of e-mail, updating of Facebook or other social networks. You would be amazed how much time can be lost if you’re constantly checking e-mails or taking phone calls without a structured plan.

6. You must insert a “buffer” from time to time when you are planning. Never allocate time for a string of tasks, one after the other in an unrealistic fashion. If you allocate a certain amount of “buffer,” you will not get sidetracked, harried or fall off your schedule.

7. Be extra productive when you are exercising. Never avoid physical activity and allocate at least 30 minutes per day to do so, but when you do this combine it with time to catch up with anything that is newsworthy. This could mean the installation of a television in your workout area, or this may now become the time to listen to a particular media channel or even to read updates through your electronic book reader.

These days, online coaching experts know full well the value of time management and how adequate planning can help you to free up extra time that you might have overlooked. You will find that professional coaching is widely used by people throughout life and not just in the corporate executive arena. Why not try professional coaching for women in your situation?

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