How To Evaluate Online Vocal Lessons

Posted on July 11, 2010
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Are you looking for an NYC vocal lessons? You can get vocal lessons NYC style by hiring a vocal coach or by opting to use less expensive online resources. So do you want to get vocal lessons NYC style where you live or do you want to opt for an online vocal lessons? What are the advantages to online vocal singing lessons to vocal lessons NYC style? As time goes on, online voice lessons are becoming more sophisticated.

Here’s how to judge online voice lessons.

1. Credibility is the number one thing that you should look for. Don’t just look for online vocal lessons in Youtube or Vimeo. Apparently, there are millions of free voice lessons in these popular video sites. Can you trust them, is the question? Some of these people have no idea what they are doing.

2. A great online singing lesson should include downloadable audio-visual components. You need to have audio and video samples to improve your pitching and vocalizing. You should get media that has no copy protection so that you can put it in portable media players.

3. In your package you must have PDF included. Singing techniques and music theory should be included in the PDF. The PDF should come with complementary audio-visual components.

4. Let’s not forget that every good product needs great customer service and technical support service. A good online training course should have forums and a professional website where you can ask for help.

The great thing about online courses is the fact that you can repeat it again and again. You can learn at your own pace and be stress free. Plus, online learning is much cheaper than paying hourly for a voice coach.

It is up to you to really do the research on these things. You need to consider the risk and reward factor of choosing an online alternative. It is ultimately better to learn from a live voice coach, but you can always opt for online course if you do not have the time or the money.

Always remember that you have to protect your voice, so do not do anything that you think will strain your vocal cords or the muscles near your mouth and throat. Something is wrong with your technique if you are hurting.

Now you know what to expect in a good online singing lesson. Use this article as a checklist for an online signing lesson. As always, you get value for value. There are a lot of free singing lessons out there, but again, you pay value for value.

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