How to Defeat Approach Anxiety

Posted on October 14, 2010
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I understand, overcoming approach anxiety is one hundred percent possible, but its not like lifting candy from a newborn baby, you have to put a bit of time into the process. Fixing yourself of this totally common social phobia is not just going to occur in a a few days. The same with all types of fears and anxieties, approach anxiety or the fear of approaching women lessens the more you are exposed to approach women you don’t know. There are some psychological methods are required to treat this problem. Yes there is no instant solution, you will defeat this approach anxiety with a bit of constant trying.

The jist is, the more strange chicks you walk up & say hello to, the more your apprehensiveness of talking to these girls will disappear. I’m not just making this stuff up, these are the exact, psychological methods used to eliminate a guy’s fear of flying or spiders or whatever it is they are scared of. This is a simple fill in the dots procedure in which you slowly reveal yourself to the thing you’re afraid of the greatest . You’ll read all other kinds of nutty ideas, yet this method is really the only proven & almost guaranteed way that there is available. The key to beating your approach anxiety or fear of approaching ladies is what you’ll learn during the next part of this post.

A great plan should span the time frame of only 6 months. To start, all you must do is to begin chatting with women or girls that you work with or somehow know already . Get yourself easy with to starting a conversation with the ladies you are acquainted with. You must begin chatting. You have to get into the groove of initiating conversations with girls!

The second you realize you are not scared of starting a talk with a lady you are familiar with, then you can begin smiling at women you do not know who go by you in public. This is another totally simple method to start doing. When you reach a spot when you happen to be not scared of smiling at strange ladies in public, begin saying hello to the women. Just say hello to the women. It doesn’t matter if they respond back at you. Over time your pua approach anxiety will evaporate. You will be & facing your fear of approaching women you don’t know. When you are cool with saying “whats up” to strange ladies, take the next step & engage one or two of them in a quick chat. Only ask the woman for directions to the ATM or ask them if they know where a good breakfast spot is located. After you have this tackled, beating approach anxiety should be well within range. You now own the key to overcoming approach anxiety for all time.

It is as simple as that, you just have to finish the work! Do this for three to six months & you should notice some major progress in destroying your phobia & anxiety of approaching women, of course, there happens to be a quicker way for evaporating approach anxiety & that is to follow our Destroy Approach Anxiety technique which you can see by checking out any link in this post.

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