How To Deal With Back Pain At The Office

Posted on October 13, 2010
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Back pain is one of the most common complaints in the office. This should not come as a surprise, considering how the human body is built. The weight of the entire body is put onto the lower back, which can add up to about 400 pounds of pressure on an average person. When one sits in the wrong kind of chair or in the wrong position for hours on end, he or she is going to have back pain. The only way to correct this is to make corrections in the way one sits, the type of chair being used, and how practicing good health habits.

Back pain can be caused or prevented by the way a person sits. Correct posture is the key here. In order to provide the necessary support, a person needs to have the low part of their back against the back of the chair to give it the support it needs. A lumbar roll or rolled up towel can help keep the spine aligned while one is sitting. The back of the head needs to be lifted up, along with the breastbone to give the back even more support. An ergonomic office chair can help provide options for moving things to give the body the most support.

Even the position of the arms, hands and wrists can cause extra pressure on the back if one is forced to reach to type or do other office duties. Therefore, the arms should be relaxed and the hands and forearms should be parallel to the floor. The wrists should be in a neutral position, not extended or flexed, as this can cause undue stress and strain.

Thighs should remain at a right angle in proportion to the rest of one’s torso, while the knees should be at a right angle to the thighs. Investing in an ergonomic desk will guarantee more space for the legs to be able to be comfortable and give the person more room to move as needed. Moving around and changing your position frequently will avoid muscle tension and tightness. The body can only tolerate one position for about twenty to thirty minutes before it will begin to feel stressed.

Sitting in the wrong type of chair can also cause back pain. Every person is built differently and therefore, it’s important to find a chair that will provide the best support. Generally, an ergonomic chair will provide the very best support for the entire body. This is because of the many options that are available, which makes it easy for the user to find a position that is both comfortable and healthy.

A chair that is too soft will not provide the support needed, while a chair that is too hard will cause too much stress to the back. The best option is a soft cushioned chair padding that provides some support. Most ergonomic chairs have arm rests as an option. Some people really like them because they help support the arms, while other people feel that they just get in the way. The feet should touch the floor and there should be room to move them as needed.

It’s also very important to keep important office items close by at the desk. The back muscles will become strained wtih constant stretching and bending. If this becomes a problem, a corner desk extender can help give more usable and accessible space at the desk. A keyboard, documents and the computer mouse will fit onto the corner of your desk with this handy item.

By following a few simple steps, back pain in the office can be eliminated. If back pain is already present, by making some simple changes, one can turn things around and get feeling better soon. By following some simple health principles, trips to the doctor and medication can be avoided altogether.

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