How Does Your Thyroid Affect Your Body Shape

Posted on April 5, 2011
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Not everyone likes to admit that the cause of their weight gain is a medical condition. Letting others know that the reason you have gained the pounds is because of thyroidism is never fun. Many people will just look at you as if you are not getting enough exercise. When you have an under active and over active thyroid you will not have a metabolism that is working in the manner it should which causes a person to struggle with their weight.
The thyroid is a vital gland. The hormones control how we burn calories. When your body is hypothyroid your heart beats at a slower rate than that of a normal heart so it is not a condition that should go untreated and for people who suffer from this condition, weight gain is one of the symptoms of low thyroid condition due to the slower metabolism which means that a person is not able to burn the calories that they take in as efficiently as they should and the extra calories that are not burned get stored in the body as layers of fat.
Once the problem of hypothyroidism is diagnosed a person can do many different things to help not only treat their thyroid but to also control their weight and although for some people the answer might be as simple as taking a low thyroid diet pills, the answer for others will be much more complex and will require that person to take several steps to control the hormone output of their thyroid.
In order for a person to understand the effects of thyroidism and how it affects them they need to check with a health professional. Blood can be tested to see how well the thyroid is functioning. When determining the course of treatment it is important to accurately access the needs of the individual and how they should be treated. Every individual is different. No two treatment programs are going to be the same.
It is also good to use your doctor to make sure that any medication you take is safe to use. If the drug causes a person to want to eat more often that could have consequences. It is difficult enough to maintain a healthy weight when you have a thyroid condition. There is no need to also take other things that will contribute to the weight problem.
One of the keys to effective treatment of thyroidism is consistency. It is also helpful not to take in any food when you are taking the drugs. In order to do this a person should make a plan about what time of the day they will take the medicine.
Everyone has probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. People suffering from thyroidism need to pay special attention to that. A good, healthy breakfast can get a person’s metabolism working first thing in the morning. If you give your metabolism a boost in the morning it could carry through for the rest of the day. Pounds will not be added as easily if the metabolism is working better.
The last step is exercise. People need to work out if they want to control their weight. A person should do as much as they are able. When dealing with a thyroid problem, there is even more of a need for this.
Anyone who suffers from a chronic condition needs to take responsibility for maintaining their health. It is about living a healthy lifestyle. That will keep you in the best possible shape. The key is not to be known by the condition that you have but to be known as a person who has control of the condition.

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