How Can A Senior Get Fit

Posted on February 24, 2011
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Regular physical activity is one of the important things a person can do to stay healthy. In addition to helping a person keep a healthy heart it is also effective at keeping a person happier and looking better overall. The gym is full of young people who are trying to keep their body in shape, but it is just as important for senior citizens to work out. Maintaining proper fitness during the senior years is vital to maintaining strength, flexibility, and overall health.

Whenever someone is trying to get fit they should be aware of a number of things that are especially important as a person ages.
1. What are the benefits that are associated with the elderly exercising. Many younger people start an exercise regimen because they want to find a way how to lose weight fast but for senior citizens this is not the primary goal that many of them have and although it is important that people of all ages get the proper amount of exercise every day it is especially important that senior men and women also engage in regular physical exercise, in order to maintain proper health and fitness.

The older that a person gets the more they are challenged physically to do the things that they did when they were younger. Joints tend to ache more and objects seem to get heavier due to the aging of our body through the years. Our muscles are not as strong as they used to be. People use this lack of strength and flexibility as the reason that they can no longer do things. By following a fitness routine a person will be able to slow down the natural aging process. Several medical issues are faced by people who do not exercise and these can often be avoided with a little exercise.

2. Can seniors work out without doing harm? A person will say that they are not sure if they could withstand the rigors of a fitness routine and are scared to even try to begin one. While they may not want to start a diet and exercise regime that is designed to show them how to lose weight fast at home in a week, it is perfectly safe for the majority of seniors to participate in moderate physical activities although they should check with your health care provider before you begin any type of physical exercise to make sure that what they are choosing to do is safe for them to undertake. The truth is that almost everyone will benefit from some type of movement on a regular basis even if they can not do everything they want.

3. Are there some workouts that are better than others for someone who is older. Just like people who are younger, the key is a variety of exercises that will help a person achieve the body they want.

The elderly should do regimens designed to get their blood flowing. Cardio exercises provide a person with many benefits that come from a stronger heart. By working out with this type of routine a person will be able to maintain a healthy weight as well as building a healthier heart. Senior citizens need to get regular activity at least every other day or about thirty minutes at a time. When deciding what kind of exercises to choose, look for things that will not have a big negative impact on the body.

Include strength training in the regimen. Weight lifting is a key to keeping the senior citizens muscles from deteriorating from lack of use. It helps improve range of motion and endurance. Strength exercises should be performed twice a week.

Along with the strength and cardio exercises a person should try to get as much stretching in as they can. These help improve overall body movement and balance. Better balance means that a person will not be as likely to fall down accidentally.

People can follow a fitness regimen as they age. Senior citizens might not be able to train like a professional athlete but that is okay. As long a person finds some way to get moving, they will enjoy the benefits throughout their life.

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