Heal Your Broken Heart – What To Do If He is Being Unfaithful?

Posted on November 20, 2010
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You see him catch her eye, then they both look away quickly, but smile as they do it. They’re apparently innocent flirting along with the long periods of time that they are both “absent” from the party, are signs of their “crush” progressing which is breaking your heart. He’s your husband – and she is supposed to be your friend. Can you forgive him for having an adulterous relationship and mend your broken heart?

Hurt and anger are one of the first emotions we experience when we find out our partner has been two-timing to us. Is there any way to repair the relationship, stop the affair and get past all the hurt and anger? Is the relationship even worth repairing and are you still in love him are questions you need to ask yourself.

The first thing you need to do if you want to repair your relationship is put yourself in his shoes and ask yourself why is he attracted to her. Is he attracted to other women because there is something absent from your relationship? Usually if one partner cheats it is due to the fault of both parties and either their relationship has become stale or one of you (or both) is taking the other for granted. You still need to make your partner feel special even if you’ve been together for a long time. The relationship can’t grow and be successful if it is not maintained or worked at.

The attention they receive from the opposite sex makes them feel so good it is sometimes is the reason why they cheat. Imagine if after years of being in a relationship and out of the blue some great looking guy is flirting with you. Suddenly you feel a little sexy, maybe a bit naughty, and with a little flirting he has made you feel things that you haven’t felt in a long time.

Now some innocent flirting does not give anyone the excuse to take it any further than that. So what this means is you and your partner need to have a heart to heart. He needs to know that you want to know what his intentions are as you know what is going on. Do they love each other? In spite of everything, does he love you? Working on the relationship is something that you realize you need to do, like not taking him for granted.

If you both decide to work it out and are willing to give 100%, be aware that it will be a rough road. Seeing a marriage counselor is a great idea and is recommended as they can act as a mediator so you both can get your feelings out and teach you to communicated properly with each other. When trying to enlighten the each other of one’s feelings, you both need to respectful of each other if you cannot see a counselor.

Furthermore, if you decide to forgive him, one of the most imperative things you should remember is you totally CAN NOT toss the affair back in his face. That will not help build your trust up with each other.

If you find yourself having trouble trusting him and forgiving him, you may have to move on so you may mend your broken heart.

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