Effective Speaking – What We Can Learn From Peter Mandelson, Both A Communicator And Public Speaking Expert And The Third Man

Posted on September 6, 2010
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Peter Mandelson has been at the centre of British politics and shaping the Labour party for the last 15 years. Whether you agree with him or not, you cannot deny his very effective speaking, communication and public speaking abilities. Lord Mandelson has recently published The Third Man, an account of time at the centre and the relationship between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

I went to see Peter at an event in London run by The Times newspaper and Foyles Bookshop at which his effective speaking abilities were very much in evidence Times columnist James Harding interviewed Mandelson on stage and his performance was a brilliant example of both effective speaking and how to have an audience eating from your hand.

Many lessons on effective speaking and public speaking could be learned from the evening. So what did Peter do, how did he do it and what can you learn from him regarding effective speaking?

There are seven paths to effective speaking and it was clear to me that he followed all seven when addressing his audience. Here I’d like to concentrate on just two of these. Path 1 is to be well organized and path 4 is the words and language that you use.

Here is how Peter addressed these two paths to effective speaking;

Path 1 – Clearly he knew his subject very well and was prepared for the event.

Rather then jumping in to answer a question either from James Harding or from the audience, he paused for between 2 to 4 seconds, to give himself time to think and only then answered.

An interesting point regarding being well organized for an effective speaking event was this. The interviewer explained to the audience that their questions should not be speeches or statements and should be short and to the point. If he hadn’t done this the evening might have run over time or, sin of sins, it might have been boring. It all ended on time and was a lively and interesting experience.

Path 4 – You did not need to know the content of his book or be knowledgeable about politics to understand the words and language used to get a lot from an evening with this effective speaking expert.

In addition though he is clearly a thinker and highly intelligent he, maybe surprisingly, used language that was very easily understood rather than being difficult to follow.

Further when speaking he used self deprecating humour to great effect, and with a slant that always made him seem in command of the situation.

This skill was probably the most effective speaking and public speaking skill on show.

In a nutshell what we can learn from Peter Mandelson is that to be an effective speaking and public speaking master you firstly need to take your time when answering questions, don’t panic and give yourself time to think, and secondly, use language that is easy for your audience to understand.

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