Dr. Jeffrey Epstein

Posted on December 13, 2010
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Miami, since setting up his private practice in Miami in 1964 and working as a clinical teacher at the University of Miami, Dr. Jeffrey Epstein has been helping lots of people feel great about themselves and regain confidence. He is the former president of the Florida Society of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and he also publishes books and offers lectures on several topics in this area. In 1965 he set up an additional practice in New York City.Since 2005, Dr. Epstein offers totally free surgical procedures to patients who are in need.When he founded the Foundation for Hair Restoration and plastic Surgery in 2008, Dr. Jeffrey Epstein produced a practice that’s open to cosmetic surgeons from all over the nation regardless of their race.

For much more than fifteen years, Jeffrey Epstein’s distinctive approach has made him along with a lot of his patients happy. Each year, Dr. Epstein has to carry out over a thousand surgical procedures where he gets to apply his expertise in facial plastic surgery. His patients are from all over the globe, which only proves that his standing precedes him even internationally. He is the very best that is out there, and he is internationally known for that.

Your body is really a temple, it’s the embodiment of everything that you really feel and it’ll also affect they way others see you. If they see you as someone who is incapable of caring for oneself, they’ll get the impression that you don’t have the ability to take care of other people as well. Innumerable psychological studies had amply demonstrated this fact. It’s not just the clothes, it’s the person wearing them.

So, if you’re concerned about that diminishing hairline, or even non existent one, that blemish on your skin, or any other component of you that causes you to loose self confidence in the mirror each morning, then Jeffrey Epstein is the physician for you.

Jeffrey Epstein also operates on repair surgery wherein he tackles on cases of substandard plastic surgery procedures that frequently lead to unpleasant outcomes. We will repair the damage so that after the procedure you will end up with an enhancement that fits your body flawlessly. We are not out to resculpt your entire features, so that you are unrecognizable, but to remove those blemishes and areas, which blight your look.

Come and go to Dr. Jeffrey Epstein at his clinic for a consultation, but you might wish to drop by his official webpage first.

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