Critical Pointers On Enjoying A Day Out Over Summer Holidays

Posted on August 13, 2010
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Summer is here and with it the call of the great outdoors. Before long, the memory of those elongated winter days will seem a distant memory. We really do look forward to the summer holidays and with every reason! This time, however, we are well aware how family budgets have taken a hammering due to the effects of the big economic recession. Now, it is a challenge to simply find the money to pay the mortgage or rent and to feed all the family, let alone to come up with funds to help pay for special trips during the summer.

Balancing a budget against family expectations can be difficult at the best of times, and professional coaching can take some of this strain away. Everybody’s circumstances are, of course, different, so you should consult with your online coaching advisor to come up with the best plan for your situation. In the meantime, we have used our professional coaching expertise to scour the Web, to find 10 great days out for you to consider this summer, an eclectic collection, each for under a tenner.

Kids love models and grown-up kids do as well, so why not try Bekonskot Model Village in rural Buckinghamshire, where you can marvel at this “eccentric” recreation of a model Village, complete with mandatory model railway. Check it out online at:

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, check out the location that inspired Hogwarts at Alnwick Castle. Children can interact and delve into the world of medieval knights and dragons.

Add a history lesson to your day out by exploring Hadrian’s Wall, where you will find some of the best preserved forts and artefacts from the Roman era. Visit to get a list of all of the locations you can visit for less than a tenner.

Who would’ve thought that pleasant, rural Norfolk would have been the location for monstrous dinosaurs? Kids are guaranteed to love Dinosaur Adventure Park, where they can find out about the days when monsters roamed the earth.

If you believe in Harry Potter, you have to believe in the legend of wizards and it is said that the caves at picturesque Alderley Edge were once a mystical hangout. There is something for all the family here though as well, at this national trust designated site.

Not so long ago, the Welsh relied on coal mining as one of their principal economic drivers. While this may well have been a very long time ago, the Big Pit National Mining Museum can still elicit a sense of excitement amongst the children as they journey down into an old mine shaft, dressing up as one of the miners and seeing how they lived.

Music is truly a universal language and we can all get great pleasure from going to one of the free events for families staged by BBC Proms Plus. Take this opportunity to educate the kids about “real” music! BBC Proms Plus

Kids love trains and even though today’s modern versions are not as evocative as the steam belching railway locomotives of old, just see how your kids are inspired when they see 100 or more of the old-timers at the National Railway Museum.

Take a journey down memory lane and indulge in your memories as well, as you give the children a glimpse of those far-off days. You can get free admission at the Museum of Childhood. Find this East London location at the

Finding something to do in London at no cost is quite a tall order, so why not try going to the Tower of London, where you can even enjoy a treasure hunt on the beach!

If some of these trips inspire you, consider making your life as a working mum more fun every day, not just during the summer holidays, by checking out online coaching options.

Amanda Alexander, Director of Coaching Mums, helps pressure-cooked, stressed working mums who long for more hours in the day. Through her coaching programmes and online life coaching courses, Amanda shows mums how to create fulfilling and successful lives. For your simple 5 step guide to balance as a working mum, download our free eBook today!

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