Choosing The Best Gaming Platform

Posted on November 24, 2010
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In the grand scheme of things going on in the world this day and age, deciding which video game system is right for you is quite insignificant. But with video games sales on pace to be the number one form of discretionary entertainment, out pacing both movies and music; retailers, entertainment & software companies are spending millions advertising their event like the upcoming xbox 360 release date and are giving consumers more and more choices in both game platforms and games. With everything that is available it is not easy to know which is the right system or you to buy.
One key consideration is the budget that you have for a gaming system. While a person can buy a top of the line computer, if all they want to do is play some basic games, this could be a waste of money. For younger gamers the money might be better spent on a gaming platform that can play many different titles that are just as good for them.
With prices slowly coming down, game consoles such as xbox 360 kinect, Sony’s Playstation 2, and Nintendo’s Game Cube offer a wide variety of games with no need of any technical knowledge in order to play a game, but PCs, on the other hand, offer much more than just a video game platform and might be able to provide a family with a lot more than some of the gaming platforms.
Video game consoles also, unfortunately have a much more limited life than PCs do and this should be taken into consideration when considering the xbox 360 kinect price versus a PC’s price because although it might seem to be the most technologically advanced video game system on the market today, but rest assured the next generation game console is already in the works. Companies have already started working on the next generation of systems for gaming. PCs offer the unique ability to upgrade hardware, either by adding memory, storage space, graphics cards, or even a new motherboard, you can extend the life of your PC without spending the high prices of a completely new computer.
Also some manufacturers allow games from the previous generation system to be played on their respective next generation consoles. With PCs, if a game works on your current system it will work on any future computer you may purchase.
It is important to think about what kinds of games that you want to use your video gaming system for before you choose what system to get. Many action games thrive on the console systems, and there is a huge variety of titles. Many say that some games have much better game-play on the PC than they do on consoles. Others like the fact that game consoles are better for their graphic capabilities. Each individual must decide what they like.
There are many games that give a user an interactive experience through the internet and this is something else to think about. There are many titles which are very popular for this type of play. This is a place where computer gaming will sometimes have an advantage. There are gaming platforms that are available that can do this too. The downside to that is that the small number of console games that are currently available for multi-player capability as well as any fee charged. This will change in the future. Platforms are closing the gap quickly. Gamers have a lot of reasons to be hopeful about the experiences they will soon see.

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