Beat the Winter Blues With A Light Box

Posted on January 27, 2011
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During the winter months the sun’s rays weaken. The days shorten. Frequently the sky is cloudier, too. These short, grey, days can have a harmful effect on our physical and mental well-being. It’s a point in time when many folks suffer with downcast and the winter blues. Light treatment can be the answer.

What’s Light treatment?

Light treatment is a technique of exposing your body to light on a regular basis. For a period of time scientists did not see why light affected folk. However , the discovery of SAD – or Seasonal Affective Disorder – and winter depression indicated that light was vital to lots of people. Over the last couple of years the medical profession has learned about vitamin D. Exposure to sunlight triggers your body to make vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for physical and psychological health.

Our bodies are also dependent on circadian rhythms. This is your body’s natural reply to light and dark. When it’s dark, your body fires through the releasing of hormones to sleep. When it’s light, you wake. Nonetheless lots of people’s bodies fight with hormonal balance during the winter months. Light treatment helps balance hormones and fortifies those circadian rhythms.

The proper way to find Light treatment

Light therapy can be acheived in a considerable number of ways . The most elementary way is to be sure you get 20 to 30 mins of sun each day . However , if the sun isn’t shining then that may be a challenge.

Another choice is to purchase or make a light box. They are available on many home goods websites, medical internet sites and even in your local huge box store. For example, you can purchase a Philips Light treatment box on Amazon for around $130 dollars.

You may also purchase full spectrum lightbulbs and use them in a lamp at home. The key nonetheless , is to make certain you use them each day. Subject yourself to full spectrum light for 30 mins minimum. Full spectrum lighting is about half as powerful as the sun’s rays.

You may buy a convenient tool called a dawn simulator. This gizmo gradually lightens your room to simulate morning. If you struggle to wake when it’s dark outside, you may benefit from this gadget.

your health practitioner can also prescribe light treatment which can often be done inpatient in a number of cases, or you can take a light box home. If your insurance covers it, you are able to save some cash.

Using Light care

Use your light box or light therapy daily. Some pros suggest putting the light above your head, like the sun. If you are doubtful, read the directions or ask your doctor. Most light boxes are engineered to sit on a table.

Make light therapy part of your daily schedule. For example, sit at the table during dinner time or breakfast with the light box on. If feasible, begin to utilize it before the winter depression or unhappiness hits. Be proactive.

Light plays a vital part in the body’s physical and mental wellbeing. If you battle with sadness and depression, consider buying a light box or making one yourself. A basic box ranges in price from $40 to $200 and they’e widely available. Your mental health is worth it!

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