Beat Addiction in Beautiful Costa Rica, Affordably, Discreetly, Peacefully

Posted on April 8, 2011
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The Costa Rica New Hope Center is the premier facility of its kind helping folks Overcome Addiction, in Central America. The owners of Costa Rica New hope are an approved doctor and a therapist and are very warm people. On my visit to the new hope Hospital I was highly impressed by their open hearted approach with folks afflicted by the vagaries and tensions of modern life. Helping folks to beat obsession or truly teaching them how to beat addiction are at the core of their approach. They utilize a cognitive approach that eschews many of the 12 step brainwashing programs out there today, but which is supported by exhausting studies from Harvard Medical School and others.
The facility is set in three hundred acres of unique beauty. One just about immediately draws a feeling of peace from the surroundings. Tucked into a high mountain valley and opposite to a massive natural preserve the campus seems to go on for keeps. The accommodations are cosy and private ranging from hotel style to tiny log cabins with fireplaces scattered across the campus. Natural waterfalls, hiking trails and even a well stocked trout pool all are within the territory of the property.

Costa Rica New Hope is a unique facility. We focus on treating the minds, and bodies of those in need of alcohol / drug rehabilitation or mental health treatment. We focus on helping executive males and females who want to overcome addiction and / or emotional tries to recover control of their lives. We also handle dual diagnosis.
“Pura Vida” is commonly used in Costa Rica as a greeting. It implies “pure or great life” in English. We shall endeavor to offer you a “Pura Vida” plus experience during your time in treatment. We guarantee you an enjoyable and unusual run away from the problems you have been experiencing. We offer you a personalized treatment plan.
Costa Rica New Hope is a unique change from treatment as usual. Our uniqueness begins with our location in the mountains of the central valley. The center is secure and private, next to a tropical forest, with fantastic plant and animal life.

You’ll experience breathtaking sounds and sights, both while in the treatment facility and while on weekend excursions. Our treatment centre has a warm, friendly, hospitable atmosphere. It is tropical and casual, in addition to being very non-public, secure and cushty.

All of the rooms are spacious and individual, with full bathrooms, hot and cold water, cable TV,big closets, and balconies. Also on site are pools ( one being fed by thermal and healing volcanic waters ), a full service spa, fitness clobber, web access, and a restaurant. Additionally, there are walking paths that may take you through the refreshing rain forest, along waffling brooks to places where you will enjoy the panoramic views of mountain ranges, volcanoes, forested valleys, wildlife, and massive majestic shade trees.
We’re going to help you Overcome Addiction with a new solution to stress control. Beat obsession now and contact the New Hope Center in Costa Rica.

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