Be Careful With Cheap Watches

Posted on September 1, 2010
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How is a person supposed to know when a watch is worth what someone is charging for it, or if it is something that has no value at all. It is possible that you might be looking at something that looks like an expensive watch, but is more likely a cheap copy. Fake watches copy the well known brand names you probably have heard of. But there is another category of wristwatch products that include many expensive ladies watches being sold on the Internet and through magazine ads that are not actually counterfeit, but they are sold using outrageous misrepresentations and should be equally avoided.
The manufactures of these knock off watches play up their product to make it sound like it is better than the original. Manufacturers of the fake watches try to fool people who do not check them closely by using a brand name that sounds or looks like a well known brand name. The fake watches are usually made with much more inferior raw materials and are mass produced rather than made by an experienced craftsman. The typical things that are done include a few things like are a combination of an impressive Swiss, German or European sounding name, or an impressive recommended retail price, or fancy verbiage that sounds like what a luxury watch brand such as Cartier Ballon Bleu would say, or impressive comparisons of features to those of other luxury timepieces, or a special price you can buy it for that is incredibly below the retail price.
No one could actual charge that suggested price and never would even attempt to. Is there a secret to their low price? They are just not well made. It is not always legal for a manufacture to engage in this practice that is meant to mislead a person. A person can avoid falling for one of these fake watches and all of their claims if they take the time to learn what distinguishes a real timepiece from a fake one and use that knowledge when they are out shopping.
Fake watches that are being sold do have a few things in common that a shopper can look for. No matter how good a bargain hunter you are, do not fall for anyone selling a good watch for less than two hundred and fifty dollars. If you see someone with a sign that says its watches are seventy percent off, it is probably not real. No real luxury brands are ever sold at fire sales, massive inventory clearances or end of model year closeouts. A real luxury brand will be well discussed on the Internet so do a search for the brand name and if you can’t find something like a Cartier Ballon Bleu review or collectors and owners discussing the merits of the brand, it is unlikely to be a true luxury brand. A real luxury brand will be sold through well known dealers. When using sites such as e bay, don’t believe that you can get a watch that is real at a price that is well below its actual value. Only in rare cases do these ultra-cheap imposter brands have official company websites that showcase the products. It is getting easier and easier to have a presence on the internet, so even that is something that should be taken lightly before you invest your money.
The bottom line is that when a deal looks like a amazing and unbelievable opportunity, it usually should be avoided. High quality watches that are handcrafted and made with good materials do not have to be sold at one tenth of their stated value. If you think that you are saving a bunch of money because you got seventy five percent off, that is not true because it is a discount off of an inflated value. People get swept up by the idea that they are getting a steal of a deal and stop looking at the obvious clues that something is not right about the product they are buying.

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