The Best Way To Bring Love And Peace Within You

Posted on February 27, 2012
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Are you experiencing love and peacefulness inside your life? How prepared are you to obtain peacefulness and love you always wanted?

People today come to a point that many of us look for love and peacefulness in us to ensure that we’re able to have a better life.

Even so, you can’t simply have both of these very important stuffs in our life.

Life definitely is not about happiness. Most of the time, God will permit us to encounter great problems in life in order that we are going to learn something from that and that we may become better as being a person. However, some individuals don’t understand that.

Many people always wanted to feel love and peace in life however they blame themselves or they blame God why they would have to go through some problems in life before obtaining those. Wake up, people of God!

Exactly what are the reason of your existence? Is life about happiness only? Imagine life without problems, can it give out the true purpose of LIFE?

I became inspired on an article about peace and love. And I think I have to share this with you.

“But, is this truly how God makes things new? Is God’s ultimate design of peace, love and justice to be brought into being through violent destruction? I could only answer my question by looking to Jesus. His teachings ? his kingdom are clearly not based on such. He didn’t lead a violent revolution, nor did he resist or run from his crucifixion. The result was his resurrection. New life!

Somewhere in the middle of our destructive ways, Jesus is making things new. We who follow him see it in his life, resurrection and death – his teachings regarding the kingdom of God. For many of us, He’s the ultimate revelation of how God makes things new.

We, with our broken, messy, destructive lives, breathe the fresh clean air of God’s grace therefore we are transformed. God takes the stuff of who we are and makes us new. Not only once but again and again. This really is indeed a revelation. This can be powerful good news.

This involves our deepest faith that something new and delightful is always possible with God. I love how hymn-writer Natalie Sleeth says this: “In our end is our beginning, something God alone can see.?” –Barbara Nixon

Bear in mind how the Son of God sacrifices His own life to obtain peace and love to our land. This only ensures that God so love the world that He gave us his only Son- Jesus Christ. Make that as an inspiration in your life.
And make up a difference within yourself. Manage problems well and become surprised to feel and to attain the peacefulness and love you will always be looking for.

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