Do You Get Buying Visitors On Your Current Website?

Posted on February 24, 2012
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You’ve got all the correct key words in your website.

Your site is arising in the major search engines.

You are receiving internet site visitors.

However your visitors tend not to purchase.

How can you catch the attention of the correct people plus get buying visitors? The real reason visitors buy isn’t really because of glitz and flash, but because they feel that your web site was created to assist them with their situation.

What’s their problem?

What problems are your readers looking to solve?

For a career coach an issue could possibly be, “I dislike my profession.” Or possibly one of several issues you solve is, “I just desire to find a intimate partner.” Or maybe you work together with folks who have lost their path or purpose.

Put the issue near the top of the page in the form of a question e.g. “Do you hate your work?” BIG LETTERS! Then they’ll know they are in the right place.

The advantages

Specifically, how would you help your web visitors solve their problem?

If you sell coaching services, how will all your coaching aid them with their challenge? How can your e-zine assist them? How can your product or service make their life a lot easier?

List a great bunch of essential advantages of hiring you, on your web site. But yet stay targeted – do not promise immortality!

Just why are you BETTER than the competition?

Exactly what makes you unique, much better, and a lot more individually fitted to ones own needs?

Why would they purchase from YOU today, rather than the many many other internet sites offering the same products?

So why do you think you’re extraordinary?

Actually tell them.

Discreetly if you’d prefer – but tell them.


Precisely how have you actually made it easier for others with similar issues? Many testimonials together with particular results are highly effective. “I lost 20 lbs ..” “I just started a new job in which I am pleased as well as make Ten thousand more yearly.” If a consumer emails a success story, ask if it can be used within your website. At the conclusion of the coaching relationship, inquire whatever results these guys received. If you have finished a really good job coaching, many people would love to let their friends know just how you have definitely really helped them.

If you can get permission to use ones own name, e-mail, company, title, plus image – even more effective! Results in loads of credibility.


The jury is still out with this. Quite a few people want to find out the price just before making contact with you. Assuming they aren’t seeing a price, they might venture somewhere else.

I would not propose you add the amount on your front page, but after they have browsed through every one of the benefits….once they are interested to buy, you might list the price somewhere in your website.

Or maybe – let them submit their email address contact information and you will send them an email of your products / services brochure together with prices. Doing this you can check in.

Make certain you make sure they know the reason your price is good value for them.

Putting it all together

On the top of your internet site, you can put on your current problem questions. Do you hate your work? Are you searching for a totally new direction? Your potential customers will definitely say, “Yes, this is me!”

After that list the methods you could help out. If it’s not very clear instantly that you have what they desire, your potential clients will leave. Work in testimonials all over the website for credibility. At the conclusion you can include the reason you are better than the competition, and why your price is the best value.

Give your website visitors what they need, and you’ve got a better chance of them ending up a client.

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