Mastering public speaking is simple with this 5 minute exercise

Posted on August 18, 2009
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If I said you could be mastering public speaking and improve your public speaking confidence with a 5-minute exercise, would you suspect me?

I don’t suppose you would because I know how frightening public speaking can be.

I have been there on the sidelines waiting to go onto the stage, sweating, dry mouth and twitchy as hell!

Then a few years back, I attended a course run by Dr Richard Bandler ( co-creator of Nuro-Linguestic Programming NLP as it is generally known ). It was a self-discovery course with only a few of us attending so we got real hands-on attention from Richard. Amongst the countless lessons from the course, I remember one of the delegates exclaiming to Richard I’m just not an assured person. Richard said in return Are you sure? Did you know what the person said? Of course I bloody well am. They actually did not lack confidence!

Richard went on to explain that most are assured it is just they are confident about the wrong things. This delegate was super-confident about their idea that they have no confidence.

How would you feel if you might turn yourself into the most confident person you could be, if you needed to?

Imagine going onto stage to present feeling just as confident when you were promoted or just finished a ten mile run or asked somebody out on a date and they said ‘yes’. Well you can and what it takes is practice.

This looks like an exercise from Dr Richard Bandler, which all super successful individuals use. Know ituse itand you could be like them.

Try this 5-minute exercise:

Imagine a time when you were super-confident

Remind yourself what occurred

What were folk announcing to you?

How did you feel?

What did you see?

Was there any specific sounds or smells?

Are you painting the image of when you felt super-confident?

Make the picture truly bright and gigantic

How does one feel right now?

More confident then you did five minutes ago?


By recalling past experiences and allowing the feelings to spread all over you, you are telling your brain the experience is happening now in this moment.

This is asimple exercise to increase your self-esteem.

Try completing the exercise each morning and evening and feel that confidence wash all over you. Allow the exercise to become one of your new habits.

Complete the exercise the next time you are on the point of going onto the stage and publicly speak and need a confidence boost.

I haven’t any doubt you will be on your way to mastering public speaking and your public speaking confidence will soar.

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