God’s Plan Of Salvation

Posted on September 18, 2008
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If you are a Christian and have an interest in witnessing to people about their need to be saved then certainly you already know that the word gospel simply means good news. The good news quite obviously is that for people recognizing that they had failed God and are sinners that there is an alternative to being ostracized from God Almighty. Naturally we have to assume that when the Christian holy Bible speaks about the existence and reality of both a Heaven and a hell that the individuals you are speaking with can at least give intellectual acknowledgment to this reality.

Can You Easily Explain How can I Witness More Effectively?

Many of the people that you speak with will not consider this to really be good news but rather it is simply a curiosity hardly worthy of noting in their passing through life. While some may give some kind of intellectual acknowledgment regarding Jesus Christ being either the Messiah or a messiah, unless they are somewhat convinced of the reality of them personally spending eternity in hell just because they are not perfect then your witnessing is virtually pointless.

Christian, do you know Effective Witnessing to the Lost?

If you intend to be more effective in your witnessing opportunities then it is imperative that you move from generalities to specifics in the people that the Holy Spirit brings you into contact with. In the normal course of events it simply is not effective to say to someone that they are a sinner in need of salvation. Rather it is an absolute necessity to give the opportunity to the Holy Spirit to convict them specifically as to why they are sinners in the eyes of an all-powerful God.

Picture for just a moment someone who is in water that would be over their head if they just stopped swimming and allowed themselves to sink. Especially if this were to happen in the middle of a lake or an ocean and you threw them a life preserver they would grab for it desperately because they realized that they could not swim far enough under their own power to save themselves. They would grab the life preserver because they knew without it they would die.

In the same way unless an individual is convicted, that is to say, they absolutely positively know that they are going to spend eternity in hell unless things change they really have no interest in being saved because they simply do not understand that they are lost from spending eternity with Almighty God.

In your witnessing then consider using the 10 Commandments as a powerful tool to point out to people so that they can see clearly that they are sinners. Obeying the 10 Commandments will not save anyone if only because perfect obedience is impossible. What the 10 Commandments are intended to do is to prove to people that they are not perfect because they have undoubtedly violated one or more of the 10 Commandments in their lifetime and one violation proves that you are not perfect.

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