You’re Not Getting Off That Easy: The Best Man’s Post Speech Assignments

Posted on June 2, 2010
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The best mans speeches isn’t the only thing the Best Man does in a wedding. Make sure you check with the couple to be sure on exactly what you’re expected to do. You don’t want to be surprised with having to drive if you’ve already hit the open bar. A lot of the Best Man’s duties take place well before the wedding. As a very prominent figure in the Groom’s life, it’s up to you to be the best source of moral support he can find without having to buy a self help book.

Your most important job, however, is to just provide a good source of moral support for the Groom. Even though weddings are supposed to be blissful and relaxed, they can be overwhelming. So sometimes you need to be a Best Friend before the Best Man. You want to provide a good system of reinforcement for your Groom and help make his special day even better.

One of the pre-wedding responsibilities you may have is picking a date for the actual wedding. Weddings are generally on weekends, as they are easier for people with jobs, but a weekday wedding isn’t out of the question. Make sure your plans are made with sufficient time for out-of-state relatives to get plane tickets and time off work.

The minor details of weddings can be pretty important, so when planning, try not to skim over them. If the Bride and the Groom have a specific person in mind that they would like to preside over their wedding, make sure he is contacted well enough in advance to be available.

If you are charged with getting the Groom to the wedding, make sure you get there at least an hour before the wedding time. This way, you don’t need to rush and risk making mistakes, and also will have time to prepare for the best man speech. You don’t want the Groom to be subjected to “Well you were late for your own wedding” accusations for the rest of his life, so get him there on time. Also, make sure that you are ready for your best man speech before the wedding day, as they can get pretty hectic.

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