You Can Shed The Pounds before The New Year

Posted on November 29, 2010
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It is possible to watch what you eat even when everyone is throwing a party around you. There are several things a person can do that will help them choose the right things to eat despite the time of year that it is.

The Christmas season is a time that many people enjoy. Holidays are a food festival. There are many traditions that are strictly followed by families at this time of year. There is nothing like seeing a table of foods that we look forward to every year. People are also bombarded at their workplace with treats that are bought in by others. The very thought of these treats makes our mouths water.
But this year the season holds dread, not delight because all of our usual favorites are definitely off the menu and we are worried about how to lose weight fast without exercise since we will not have the time to do anything except worrying about how to enjoy your holiday meal without packing on the pounds. Here are a few suggestions for sticking to your diet.
It is great when someone else is paying the tab. We love the potlucks at work. It is something that has been done for many years. However, a person can gain many pounds because of them. There is satisfaction in making the boss pay for the expensive dessert. Why get the salad with fat free dressing when someone else is paying? We do not want to offend anyone by not trying at least one of her homemade cookies. It is too easy to find a reason why we can make the right choices tomorrow. Do not use the excuses. Fill yourself up before you enter the event with something that is low fat. Fill yourself up on the vegetables instead of dessert. Do not find the path to the bar. Let people know why you are making the choices you are if they ask. She’ll probably understand.
It is not your mothers fault that you are filling up your plate over and over again. Let people know that you are eating healthier than you have in the past. You’re not being rude when you let the mashed potatoes and gravy pass you by. It is about making the right choices. Remind your family you want to be around for many more Thanksgiving Day dinners and do not want to worry about having to find out how to lose weight fast without exercise and pills once the holidays are over because you step on the scale and the number is much higher than you expected.
Find out if other relatives are dieting or just want healthier fare. Get together and plan a few low calorie, less fattening dishes. Offer them to everyone during dinner. You should not expect a guest to change their lifestyle at a party, but it is nice to give them the opportunity. You should not avoid being around everyone because you are scared of facing the food. The holiday table is where memories are made. You should be there.
Post an positive message on the bathroom mirror. Put up a picture of what you looked like before you started dieting. Seek a support system to help you. Remind one another to stay the course. The point is, don’t go it alone. A person will struggle to reach their goals when they do not have support. Christmas time is not the time to ruin your diet plan.
Keeping to a diet is difficult and the holiday season makes it nearly impossible but that does not mean you should eat anything you want and then try to learn how to lose weight fast at home in a week at the start of the new year and instead remember what your final goal will bring: health, wellness, and an improved you. Commit yourself to making the right choices no matter what is placed in front of you. There are many more Christmases in your future that you want to be around for.

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