Without Playing Head Games, Win Ex-Boyfriend Back and Heal My Broken Heart

Posted on September 22, 2010
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The theories on how to heal your broken heart and win your ex-boyfriend back after he has dumped you, are numerous. Most of those theories to get your ex-boyfriend back involve head games. But, when you mess with his head just to win him back, you are on a shaky foundation for moving forward in the relationship when things are patched up. To success in getting your ex-boyfriend back, this article will show you the “no-games” way.

When you were a couple, he would text you two dozen times a day. You phone is now quiet. While you don’t want to overdo it, calling him once a week or so just to “keep in touch”, keeps the door open for reconciliation. Nontheless, make sure that you call him on significant days like his birthday. When you are trying to be successful at getting your ex-boyfriend back, sending a card or a small gift wouldn’t harm either.

Email is an excellent to stay in touch. If there is a news story he might enjoy – whether it is about poverty in Africa or a profile of Shane West – send it to him with a nice (short) note. Start an email list that includes a group of friends to which you send out information, jokes, or personal updates and be certain you include him on the responder list.

Dating other guys during the period when you are trying to win your ex-boyfriend back is a decision you must make. Dating other guys is not an option if you are serious that you are going to win him back. Do not sleep with another man if you are even considering about getting back together. This goes against some dating advice that says you should date around to make your ex-boyfriend jealous. But playing games like this will not serve you well when you do get back together.

However, do not be jealous when he dates other girls. Remember, he broke off the relationship so he’s not cheating when he sees other women. You can use the information about what he looks for in a woman when you analyze the kind of women he’s dating.

For instance, if he broke things off with you because you had gotten too complacent in the relationship and now he may be seeing women who are independent. To win your ex-boyfriend back you may need to develop a more rough and tough attitude if you were into the artists and poets and he’s now dating the beer and football type.

When you analyze and study the man who broke up with you, you will be able to see what he really needs in a woman. Remember, that now that you are no longer a couple, there are layers being built up between the two of you. In some ways because your own emotions, feelings, and needs are not as involved, it actually make is easier to see what he needs from a woman. The things he doesn’t and does say need to be interpreted. Look at his actions as well.

Hold your own cards close to your chest. Winthin your relationship the power has transfered. When you bare your deepest emotions to your ex-boyfriend, you give him too much power. If you tell him that he is the one person who you need in your life, he suddenly can dictate the future. When you hold your own cards close to your chest, you preserve your own power which is necessary for restoration of the relationship after you win ex-boyfriend back.

When you are broken up, take the time to work on yourself. So you look and feel first-rate, make sure you hit the gym on a regular basis. Consider getting a new hair style when you get your hair cut. As well as your body, your mind also needs work. You become more beautiful to your ex-boyfriend when you spend time on self improvement.

The end result is you can try to heal your broken heart and repair the problems that your relationship had or you can try to get your ex-boyfriend back by playing games. To win your ex-boyfriend back, work on the problems and then you put together a more concrete foundation for the future.

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