Win Your Ex Back – Your 7 Step Guide

Posted on July 2, 2010
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There is a perfect reason why your relationship has ended in a breakup; really there are hundreds of reasons. What you have to remember is that there always is a solution to a problem. What this means is that if you can get your relationships needs met you will have a very good chance of getting back together with your ex. Let us have a look at these proven seven steps you can use to get your relationship back on track and let the breakup be something of the past.

1. Stay Strong.
You will get your ex back so there is something to look forward to. Under no circumstances can you be needy and weak. Even your friends will become irritated with this not to mention your ex partner. Your ex will certainly feel irritated by you and thank themselves for breaking up with you. You have to be cheerful and excited, this may not be easy but it has to be done. So please don’t let this get you under, be strong.

2. Scrutinize Your Relationship.
Try and figure out what caused the breakup. Do you really want your ex back, or are you afraid of being alone and you won’t be able to find someone else. Don’t be subjective; you have to look at it from all angles. Now you are very emotional and you are thinking of the good times you had completely ignoring the terrible parts. Is this perhaps a toxic relationship? Think about it.

3. Stop Making The Same Mistake.
Perhaps you made a mistake and therefore your partner broke up with you then don’t make that mistake again. Just think how bad you would feel to have your partner do the same to you.

4. Stop All Communication.
It is a biggie, isn’t it? Let the dust settle so your ex can have some needed time and space to actually miss you. This step has to last for approximately three to four weeks. But please this doesn’t mean that if you see them that you should ignore them, no be relaxed and nice.

5. Be Flexible.
You shouldn’t be forceful, let’s say that they have some things still in your apartment and you threaten that you will throw it out by a certain date if they don’t come to pick it up instantly. The worst you can do is to flirt with your ex when they come round to pick up stuff, so don’t do it.

6. Get your life back.
Go out there and have fun during this time. Do something good for yourself.

7. Improve Yourself.
So many times when people are in a relationship they become very comfortable and tend to neglect themselves. It is very important that you feel confident about yourself so simply make some improvements to yourself where you feel you have slipped.

After the no contact period you will have to give them “The Call” Despite how simple this stuff looks like, you can pretty much screw up everything you’ve accomplished if you don’t get it right. If you need more guidance and proven step by step advice, don’t waste any time, simply visit us now and win your ex back.

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