Win Your Ex Back – This Is How Simple It Is

Posted on July 7, 2010
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Over history breakups have happened on a daily basis. One special day you find the love of your life, you enter into a lovely relationship, you fall in love and after a few months or so a breakup happens, but you want them back. There is no denying it, a breakup is terrible and you feel that life cannot get any worse.

Stop just here for a second there always is a solution to a problem, yes even a breakup. Remember even if you want to get ex husband back, ex fiancé, ex boyfriend there is a way. Here are three important things you could do to get back together with your ex.

1. First off you have to stop all forms of communication, such as phone calls, texting, letters, notes, email, etc. Give your ex some space, it may seem like a daunting thing to do but this is vital to get your ex back. So many people are desperate for relationships, so don’t go out there and try to grab the butterfly, it will fly away, but if you are patient and sit still it will come and sit on you. So think about it for a second if you chase them now they will run. Basically it is not so difficult; just give them some time and space. I mean it is such a turn off is someone is clingy, complaining the whole time, in need, pathetic and lacking confidence. That’s just wrong.

2. Have a pleasurable time, yes that’s right go out and do fun things. This will make the first step a lot easier, I mean you don’t want to mope around if you can have fun. Get in contact with your friends and family, catch up on old times and simply put your mind on other things for the time being. This also has a healing effect, which will benefit you greatly.

Your ex will learn to hear that you are having fun from other people and they will remember and start to miss the good times you had together. So this is great because they will spend some time thinking of you and they will slowly but surely miss you.

It will also relieve the pain you are experiencing if you keep busy. So many times after a breakup people do real silly stuff because they cannot get their minds off their previous partners.

Caution: This step is certainly not designed to start off to make them envious, mostly that doesn’t work. Doing that is just childish and dumb. If you really care about your ex and want them back then you have to avoid doing irresponsible, harmful and childish things. There will come no good if you are going to follow this route.

3. Constantly reassess your situation and if you feel that your ex has had enough time to cool off you can slowly start to resume communication. This however does not mean that you should pester or even argue with them. This is where you simply talk and listen. You have to forget about being right, and just try and understand where they are coming from.

Right, some days may be more difficult but just follow these steps religiously. So simply start now and follow these easy tips. This is not the end of your fight to win your ex back, there are many other additional tips and tricks you can apply. If you feel “I want my ex back” then act now.

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