Win Your Ex Back – Get Your Ex Girl Back Before It’s Too Late

Posted on June 30, 2010
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Over history breakups have happened on a daily basis. As it normally happens, you meet someone special, fall in love with this person and after some time the relationship ends and you cannot live your life without this person, simply put you want them back. There is no denying it, a breakup is terrible and you feel that life cannot get any worse.

Stop just here for a second there always is a solution to a problem, yes even a breakup. Remember even if you want to get ex husband back, ex fiancé, ex boyfriend there is a way. Read on and take these three steps to hart and you could still get back the love of your life.

1. This may sound strange but cease all calls, texts, emails etc. Give your ex some space, it may seem like a daunting thing to do but this is vital to get your ex back. If you go out there and you chase any animal that doesn’t want to be near you, what will they do? They will run from you as fast as possible and put maximum distance between you and them. It is so basic, if you try and push them back in your life they will run away from you. Give them some needed space. I mean it is such a turn off is someone is clingy, complaining the whole time, in need, pathetic and lacking confidence. That’s just wrong.

2. This may sound even more ridiculous, but go out there and have some fun. Think about it, this can help you to take your mind off the situation, so instead of sulking you can enjoy life a bit. Often when you are in a relationship one tends t neglect friends and family, so ring them up and have some fun with them. This will be therapeutic for you in ways you cannot imagine.

If you move in the same circles then your ex may perhaps be hearing that you are moving on and at that having a ball. Thus they will remember the times you had together and for one remember why they fell in love with you in the first place.

This will take your mind off your ex and help you make it easier. So many times after a breakup people do real silly stuff because they cannot get their minds off their previous partners.

A word of caution: This step is certainly not designed to start off to make them envious, mostly that doesn’t work. Trying to make them green-eyed, is foolish and pitiable. You want your ex back because you still love them, so stay clear from destructive, careless and stupid actions. There will come no good if you are going to follow this route.

3. Constantly reassess your situation and if you feel that your ex has had enough time to cool off you can slowly start to resume communication. But please do not start harassing them and start arguing all over again. Just be calm if you talk to them and be prepared to listen. Your ego has to disappear and you have to try and recognize what they are all about.

No one said that it would be easy but these steps can be a fantastic stepping stone for you to start with. So simply start now and follow these easy tips. This is not the end of your fight to win your ex back, there are many other additional tips and tricks you can apply. If you feel “I want my ex back” then act now.

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