Win Your Ex Back – 5 Important Tips

Posted on July 13, 2010
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”I want my ex back”; you want to know how to get your ex back. You are not alone, but what you do now will set you apart from the rest. It is not all doom and gloom – There is hope, with a few strategies that you can use. Avoid serious disappointment by simply acting out randomly, because this will hurt your chances of getting back with your ex partner. Sure it is a difficult time but hang in there and don’t give up.

Go through these five proven steps that will help you to let your ex know that you still want them and don’t worry it won’t take forever.

1. It is important that you remain in their life. Let them know you are still there but do not be overpowering and phone them up constantly.

2. Sometimes if people breakup both sides really are tired and it is final, so obviously they will stop contacting one another and don’t want to see each other ever again. So still stay in touch, but don’t overdo it, like phoning every hour and come across as being needy, weak, and insecure. They need some time and space, but if you contact them constantly they will become fed up and irritated with you.

3. More than often people will grab the next best person to make their ex jealous, don’t do this. You want your ex back because you love them so do not try and hurt them because if you make up this will come back and haunt you.

4. Show them that they are still important to you and they still matter to you. Part of the whole process is to treat them with respect. A good example would be to remember certain days which have meaning to them. Thus if something important is taking place like they buy their first car congratulate them, but leave it at that and be respectful.

5. There are no rules that say you cannot call, text or e-mail them, but don’t do it to the extent that they become angry and they do not want anything to do with you. You can contact them if you are uncertain about something or want to clear up something. But do not provoke them so a fight erupts again. Thus again you have to stay strong and not let an emotional collapse take place, whereby you practical beg them to come back to you. Remain sensible and collected about the whole affair.

So in essence it is important for you to scale down and keep communication to the minimum until they have cooled down this could even mean 30 days, don’t be in a hurry. If the pain is too much the talk to someone or meet up with old friends and family and spend some time with them to keep you occupied. You want them back so it would be in your best interest to respect them, otherwise they will slide further away out of your reach.

These steps are easy to follow, you do not have to do much, however if you need further help there are books and programs that can assist you. If you feel unsure get one of these programs to help you along. Inform yourself then you will know exactly what to do in certain situations.

Get yourself ready to get back what you have lost. Even if it is too get ex husband back or ex wife this will help you.Take your time and read the following to get a full proof method and the final key to – win your ex back.

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