Why Were You Not Able To Shed The Pounds

Posted on October 3, 2010
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It is not always easy to resist the tempting foods that seem to be everywhere we turn when we are trying to lose weight. And although the basis of eating right is watching what goes into your mouth, there are other habitual factors too.

We were always taught not to leave anything on our plates when we were young.

The things that they gave us were wasted one way or another. Put less on your plate to begin with. A person can take another helping if they need to. The great part is that a person will discover that they do not need the second helping. For people who dine out they can either split the meal with another person or take half of it with them when they leave. And besides, those leftovers could be tomorrow’s lunch.

2. You restrict yourself too much from the bad foods.

Even when you are dieting it is okay to have something you crave. Allow yourself your favorite things every now and then. Enjoy the foods that you choose. But watch out for promising labels like low fat and sugar-free as these could leave you thinking you can eat more of the downsized version.

3. You want to eat what everyone else is eating.

Just because your friend can down a burger and fries for lunch and stay thin doesn’t mean you can Although it might not seem fair, some people are simply born with a faster metabolism than others This is well discussed on message boards such as the biggest loser weight loss forum where you will hear that genetics and certain medical conditions affect metabolism, as well as the amount of exercise you do and that you need to learn what keeps you at a healthy weight and stick to that.

Number four is the idea that if you are alone, you will not make a meal.

You are having dinner solo tonight. It hardly seems worth it to make a big fuss over just you. So you end up grazing. You choose to just some cheese and crackers, then some cookies, then maybe some leftover pasta. You do not stop until you’re stuffed. But You still haven’t had a proper meal. A person can try cooking in advance and freezing single portions for those nights when you’ll be alone.

5. You don’t get enough sleep.

We are able to produce things in ourselves that are good for a person trying to shed the pounds and how much we are able to create is affected by the amount of rest we get. It discourages you from eating by sending the message hey, stop eating, you are full, to your stomach, and it rouses you to expend energy which will help you complete your six pack ab exercise program that you always seem to be putting off.

6. You skip breakfast to save calories.

Many people believe that the best diet is to try to lose weight fasting, but the truth is that it is not going to save big calories, because you will become so ravenous, you will likely gobble down whatever you can get your hands on at the following meal. Glucose levels in our bodies are affected by how much food we get and if there is not enough it will send signals to our brains to replenish the supply. Emotionally, you may feel entitled to consume more, and when you deprive yourself of food, your body thinks there isn’t a source of nourishment readily available which makes your metabolism moves at a snail’s pace.The real problem occurs once we start to consume calories again when a person will take in a lot more than they really need because they have not had anything for a while and we are not able to burn it as efficiently because our body has slowed down.} The slower your metabolism, the harder it’ll be to lose weight.

A person can shed the pounds if they follow the above advice. The key to any diet is how well a person makes the right choices. With what I have written, someone might find it simpler to accomplish just that.

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