Why I like The New Video Games

Posted on December 21, 2010
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Despite all of the money that is spent on them, Video Game consoles are still not garnering the attention that they deserve. The media is convinced that video games should not be given much time and are just a way for kids to spend time during the day playing. For some people the idea of video gaming is something that belongs behind closed doors.
It is not right to say that the ignorance is because of the lack of reporting. It’s hard to make games interesting in print or on TV, especially to non-players. Compared to other popular art forms, there aren’t many personalities. What’s more, when addressing a casual audience, it’s incredibly hard to describe what a game actually consists of as the majority of people don’t speak the lingo and while they are well aware of the xbox 360 kinect release date, if you mention terms such as first-person shooters or MMORPGs and you might as well be speaking a foreign language.
One issue is the way that it looks. The lack of mainstream coverage means an exasperating number of non-gamers persist in the assumption that all video games consist of either laser beams and bleeping noises or unrelenting graphic violence despite the new platforms like the xbox 360 kinect or the Nintendo Wii that have motion based games. Enthusiasts know that this is not the case of gaming in the current world and have trouble conveying the message. If you’re a gamer, you’ll naturally want others to share the experience. So you try to introduce the game to your friends. But they’re wary and intimidated. For non gamers it can be difficult to just connect the game to the television.
You offer to talk them through a few minutes of play and refuse to take no for an answer. Once the person is playing it is hard or the seasoned player to stand back and watch. They do not have the control over the characters on the screen and keep falling off of ledges or shooting the wrong person. They try to put the controller down, complaining that they are no good at this. You are put back into the role of supporting player as you hit the reset button so they can start anew.
Gaming enthusiast have spent thousands of hours playing their systems. Video games are second nature to the experienced user. We use terms that the common person can not possibly understand. It is like the gamers are talking in a strange language. But the games are a lot more exciting. They’re engrossing and exciting, playful and challenging, constantly evolving, constantly surprising and they are interactive while being infinitely more social than mere television and although the initial xbox 360 kinect price might shock some people they are a very affordable form of entertainment. Technology is so foreign to some people that they push it away rather than try to discover what it is all about.
If you don’t play games, you’re not just missing out. You are willfully ignoring the most rapidly evolving creative medium in human history. Not every game requires a person to have a lot of knowledge about game systems. Somewhere on the shelves is title that is made for something that you like. If a person likes cooking or getting healthy, or just about anything else there is a game for them. With a little research it is possible to get a title that is made for you. For me, the discovery of gaming came at an early age. I see the future of gaming in a very positive lights. I think other people will enjoy them also.

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