Why Hypnosis Can Help You To Quit Smoking

Posted on January 31, 2011
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Anybody that ever tried to stop smoking recalls the fight between wanting to stop and wanting a cigarette. Even though your logical brain knows you’ll survive the craving and that the change is great for you, your pleasure center in the brain basically desires to breathe in the delightful toxin filled substance and get that kick when you take the first hit off a cigarette.

A smoker that’s in the first few weeks of being tobacco free sees cigarettes and reminders everywhere. He/She notices individuals in their vehicles smoking and also envies the bum retrieving old cigarette butts off the sidewalk. Finally, a lot of smokers tumble back into their old pattern of smoking and to make it worse, they often smoke more than they did before they quit.

You don’t have to face the continuous fight of your health vs a cigarette if you use hypnotherapy. Of course, the craving for nicotine occurs in the first day or so while you withdraw, but soon after that, the craving is all in your mind, and thats’s exactly where hypnotherapy performs its magic. Even during the preliminary withdrawal phase, hypnotherapy can help you over the hurdle to become smoke free.

When you first stop smoking, you have resolution and desire that wanes soon after several hours without a cigarette. Stopping smoking is learning a new life-style with new associations. Hypnosis can help you learn a new pattern faster and adapt to the new life of a non-smoker more quickly.

Learning is what hypnosis is all about. Instead of relaxing and letting go, permitting your mind to wander, hypnotherapy relaxes you but intensifies your focus. In the hands of a educated hypnotist, the “super focus” learns new techniques of thinking. Rather than seeing cigarettes as your best friend, you learn to see them as disgusting and in the process, you not only change your thinking, you also change your habits.

Smoking, once you get past the craving for the nicotine, is nothing more than a habit you associate with almost every thing in your life, if you’ve smoked for long. You use it as a stimulant, relaxer, method of celebrating, method of consoling and often simply as something to do. You have years of ingrained memories associated with smoking and it’s a habit thats’s part of your life. In order to escape the habit, you have to have a change in mindset.

By using the services of a certified hypnotherapist mixed with self-hypnosis, you can make it through the battle with cigarettes. However, even though there’s evidence that hypnotherapy performs to help you quit smoking, after a year, usually people go right back to their friendly pack of cigarettes and begin again. Thats’s why keeping a relationship and periodic meetings when required with the hypnotist soon after you quit is important. It’s somewhat like recharging your batteries when they get low.

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